Update Rundown: “THE BYE BYE MAN”, “SANDMAN” and Horror Comics


As the wicked world turns, FANGORIA continues to sink our teeth into the latest and greatest in horror happenings. And to keep fright fans informed in a timely fashion, FANGO has rounded up the head-turning headlines from across the lurid landscape for your reading pleasure!

Urban legends have been a staple of horror since horror was used to make sure kids didn’t stay out too late lest the Jersey Devil swoops down and steals them. Among the tales of phantom hitchhikers and Lovers Lane madman lies the terrifying story of the Black Eyed Children, the very story that will soon be released in comic form via Aftershock Comics.

For those not in the know, the legend of the Black Eyed Children is an internet urban legend about children between the ages of 6 to 16 who are can be found hitchhiking or panhandling across the US of A. Their complexion is unnaturally pale and their eyes, whites and all, are solid black. While they’re not known attack anyone, they are universally agreed to be incredibly creepy little bastards with a staring problem. Writer Joe Pruett and artist Szymon Krudanski will adapt the story into their very own horror tale of survival, hitting shelves on April 20th.

While the details on the story are a bit scattered, it appears that the comic will focus on the children attempting to take over either a town or the entire world and the wake of terror they will leave behind. Despite the lack of details, Pruett and Krudanski have both been industry staples for decades (and have worked previously on Spawn) and with them helming the work, it’s a fair assumption that this will be great read.


With Disney’s acquisition of Marvel Comics several years back, not only has Marvel gotten a fail-safe to release all the movies and comics they want, but Disney has gotten a vast phonebook of talented artists and writers at their fingertips, especially for their newest release, HAUNTED MANSION. Fans of Disney know that the Haunted Mansion is a ghostly attraction featured throughout Disney theme parks around the world, complete with animatronic ghosts and disembodied voices of long dead celebrities that has swirled the imaginations of weird kids for decades.

Tapping into that energy, Marvel’s newest imprint Disney Kingdoms has released a new comic adaptation written by Josh Williamson (NAILBITER, GHOSTED). The story will focus on a young protagonist named Danny who believes that his recently departed family member has become a spirit in the Haunted Mansion but to find them, he needs his help from the other ghosts. While there will be plenty of Disney laughs, he promises to put in some scares as well for those like a little chill with their thrill. Check out the whole interview at Newsarama and look out for the comic on shelves now!

In movie news, one the most anticipated comic to movie adaptations, SANDMAN, has recently announced that spearheader and all-around awesome guy Joseph Gordon-Levitt has dropped out of the production as star, producer and director. Though there are no specifics to his sudden departure he does specify creative differences with Time Warner’s subsidiary company, New Line, tweeting that he and the company “don’t see eye to eye on what makes SANDMAN special.” Despite him leaving, the movie will be going forward and has picked up new writer Eric Heisserer to help write the script (who is replacing original writer Jack Thorne).

Lastly, STX Entertainment has moved their upcoming film from Stacy Title (HOOD OF HORROR), entitled THE BYE BYE MAN (pictured above), from an October release to June 3rd, instilling it as the company’s first genre release of the summer. A vote of confidence in the film, which stars Carrie-Anne Moss, Faye Dunaway, and Doug Jones as the titular terror, THE BYE BYE MAN will be bowing one week before THE CONJURING 2, which is a bold move to say the least. In any case, with the film moving up 4 months, expect to see an official poster and trailer for THE BYE BYE MAN sooner rather than later.

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