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As the wicked world turns, FANGORIA continues to sink our teeth into the latest and greatest in horror happenings. And to keep fright fans informed in a timely fashion, FANGO has rounded up the head-turning headlines from across the lurid landscape for your reading pleasure!

One of the biggest horror titles of the past few years has been Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s IDW mega-hit, LOCKE AND KEY. With Hill’s expertise in both book and comic terror and Rodriguez’s signature art style, it’s no wonder that the comic world is abuzz with the news that they will be focusing their efforts on a re-vamp of TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE. Based on the original four-season horror anthology series a la THE TWILIGHT ZONE, the DARKSIDE comic will be part homage, part exploration of the show’s universe as only an insider of the horror world could do. IDW’s official press release goes on to say:

The four-issue series will feature Hill’s re-imagining of Tales for a contemporary take on the cult classic. Structured to have the scope of Locke & Key while exploring a vast, underlying mythology, Tales aims to unfold a cohesive universe made up of each individual issue. According to the creative team, these stories will draw inspiration from the TV series that it has spawned from while also taking a meta approach to the material.


This is Hill’s second attempt to bring TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE back to life, the first being a three-year venture to bring the show back to small screen. While the CW turned down the pilot, the IDW series seemingly covers that pilot and three follow-up episodes that were already penned by Hill himself.

Next up, Deadline reports that cable channel IFC is getting into the horror game, giving the greenlight to STAN AGAINST EVIL, a horror comedy series written and created by Dana Gould (SOUTHBOUND, TALES OF HALLOWEEN). Gould, a hilarious talent in his own right, is a tried and true horror fan, and brings that passion to the upcoming series, which follows a disgruntled former sheriff who teams with his tough new replacement to fight demons in a New England town that was formerly the site of 17th century witch burnings. Aiming to hit screens this fall, Gould will star in, executive produce and write the series, with Tom Lassally, Frank Scherma, Justin Wilkes, Radical Media and 3 Arts Entertainment also behind the series.

Lastly, artist extraordinaire and DC/Vertigo alumni, Dave McKean, will be releasing a new work via Dark Horse comics titled BLACK DOGS: THE DREAMS OF PAUL NASH. Based on the real life events of artist Paul Nash, McKean will be bringing his unique sense of realism AND surrealism to this man’s extraordinary life. Nash was most known for transporting his experiences of on the WWI battlefield to life on the surrealist landscape of the early 20th century, so it is only appropriate that McKean would be the one to re-introduce him to the comic audience. The comic will follow Nash as he returns to London after a tour of war and his attempt to deal with the horrors that still linger in his psyche. Paste Magazine has exclusive preview pages of this master comic work which you can see HERE.

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