True Grue: Ronald Defeo and The Amityville Murders


Welcome to “True Grue,” a weekly article that dives into real life, harrowing horrors. For the interest of good taste, this graphic feature aims not to be exploitative, but rather informative, and rest assured, there are many different territories that will be strictly off-limits. But for those with a hungry mind and a strong stomach, read on at your own discretion…

For years, the Lutz family and the investigating Warrens have come under intense scrutiny over The Amityville Horror in terms of how much of their experience was actually real. No matter what sentiment and denials can be issued towards that story however, the preceding murders committed by Ronald Defeo Jr. on that very property is as real as it gets.

There were a total of seven members of the Defeo family residing at 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York before the fateful night. Ronald was 23-years of age, while his father and mother, Ronald Sr. and Louise, were only about 20 years older than he. Meanwhile, his siblings were much younger, ranging between eighteen (his sister, Dawn Defeo) to nine (John Matthew Defeo), with his two other siblings Marc and Allison, in between. Despite rumors that spawned post-massacre, there wasn’t much about the Defeos that publicly seemed out of the ordinary.

For those who revisit the case, Ronald’s motivation remains unclear. The more commonly accepted reasoning being that of reaping their collective life insurance policies has been argued over ever since the murders occurred, and any suggestion that these murders may have been driven by the paranormal is tenuous at best. The latter argument had been used mostly to tie into Ronald’s supposed psychosis as described by his defense attorney. To this day, in which Ronald is still serving his life sentence in jail, Defeo has yet to close the book on why exactly he did what he did.

What did Ronald Defeo Jr. do, exactly? Despite no evidence of a drugging or of a struggle, Defeo ritualistically shot his family members, person by person. He shot each as they lay stomach down on their beds, without using a silencer or binding them in their positions. The gunshots went surprisingly unheard by the neighbors. Following the executions, Defeo washed up and began concocting a story that involved a well-known mafia hitman.

Ronald’s erroneous stories and alibis soon drove him to admit responsibility for the murders. In almost a year’s time, Ronald was set to trial, convicted and handed six sentences of “25-to-life.” Over the years, Defeo has since changed his story, claiming to have committed the murders with up to four other co-conspirators, one of which was his sister, Dawn, whose idea it was to murder their siblings. Yet the murders have still been presented on screen with a supernatural slant, most prominently in films like THE AMITYVILLE HORROR and SHATTERED HOPES.

You can look at the grim photos of Defeo and his family post-murder below, and once again, be very careful as these are not safe for work…

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  • Jesse Hammer

    Sorry, am I the only one that thinks Fango is crossing a line into bad territory here? When you start blending real world violence and tragedy with fantasy your brewing up a potent potion. While I am truly fascinated by these and other true crime stories, posting ‘True Grue’ pictures on a site dedicated to horror fiction is just tasteless and desperate. I’ve been a fan of Fango for 30 years and have hung many a Scream Greats poster on my wall but would I ever put up photos of real corpses or serial killers? Hell no. There’s the line. Cut it out, Fango, I’m losing a lot of respect here.

  • Mike C

    Not exploitive and the second pic is a shot up 12 year old. Fango is better than this.

  • dotmafia

    Fangoria definitely should not be posting these pix. What are you thinking?!?

    • Bruce Bolton Jr

      It is true crimes that have later been made into horror movies. I find it very necessary and not at all tasteless to do this. They are just providing readers with the truth about these crimes. If you don’tlike it, you don’t have to read it or open the link to such material. Thank you Fango for posting some truth and making it easier for people to find out about some of their favorite horror true stories. Great job.

    • josh

      I agree…. not reading anymore!

  • The_Irish_Samurai

    Dead kids? Really? You just lost a reader.

  • Goat

    This is real life, not to mention the internet, grow up you whiny people.

    • j

      I agree goat. People die so do kids that’s life. Deal with it

    • Jesse Hammer

      Yeah, and there are NO other places on the internet to go for this stuff, right? Respectable, journalistic-type places too, I’m sure. I come here for coverage of ENTERTAINMENT, not real-life tragedy. Take that mess to 4chan. Fango going to start including pull-out posters of dead children now?

      • sairablue .

        Don’t look at it… It’s that simple.

  • Shaking My Head

    I thought your disclaimer said some lines would not be crossed. So what Exactly are those “off limits” territories? Posting murdered children is unacceptable. You’ve lost another reader.

  • Joey OBrien

    I guess I’m the only sick fuck here, because I don’t have a problem with this piece.

  • Dave R

    Absolutely agree with the last posters. While I have absolutely no problem with gruesome horror movies of any description. The real dead bodies of murder victims is taking it one step too far. What were you thinking Mr Hanley?

  • Jim Givitvs Warrington

    People will find anythin to bitch about, there was a warning before the article, you didn’t have to read it , or look at the pictures contained in this article.

  • sairablue .

    This shit really happened!!! You all sit behind your TVs and watch your fake horror and feel safe because it didn’t really happen. Well, folks, the world is a cruel and violent place. Sticking your heads in the sand and ignoring it is not going to change that fact.
    Some people are interested in true crime, because it is reality… If you can’t handle it, Maybe ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ is more your thing….

  • buddysnylontip

    I wasn’t careful with the nsfw thing and now my workplace has ghosts!

  • Jen

    It gives a warning. So if you don’t like these articles please don’t read. All of these stories we know from ” Hollywood” but lest we forget these were real people. Thank you for bring us the truth.

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