“TROLL HUNTER” director cuts into “AUTOPSY”


Norwegian director Andre Øvredal is following up his satricial monster movie with a deadly serious chiller as his English-language debut.

Screen Daily reports that Øvredal, who became a Fango favorite with TROLL HUNTER, will shoot THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE this winter in London. Scripted by Ian Goldberg and Richard Naing, the movie is set at a small-town morgue run by a father and son who one day receive the body of a beautiful young murder victim, identity unknown. As they try to determine who she is and the circumstances of her death, they uncover strange and frightening secrets. Fred Berger and Eric Garcia of Impostor Pictures and Rory Aitken and Ben Pugh of 42 are producing AUTOPSY, which is being fully financed by Goldcrest Films.

”THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE has everything I want in a horror movie—great characters, an intriguing mystery and it is simply the scariest script I have ever read,” Øvredal tells the trade. “I am proud to make this my follow-up to TROLL HUNTER and I am excited to be in business with Goldcrest, 42 and Impostor as they are extremely supportive and share my vision for the film.” Adds Garcia, “Ian and Richard have crafted a riveting, chilling and utterly original horror story. To have Andre’s vision and immense talent bring it to life is a dream.” As we reported here, a U.S. remake of TROLL HUNTER is still in the works under producer Chris Columbus and director Neil Marshall.

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