Trailer: Summer Camp Initiation Horror, “SOLO”

Perhaps for Isaac Cravit and his first feature SOLO (the premiere title from Shock Till You Drop’s new distribution banner), it’s a happy coincidence that the East Coast remains in something of a perpetual Indian Summer at the moment. The idyllic, picturesque camp on display, and the not-so-idyllic ordeal its lead Gillian goes through there still feel in reach. Then again, is summer camp horror ever out of season for admirers?

In SOLO, Gillian (Annie Clark) accepts a position as a camp counselor, but before she can blow a whistle, she must first spend two nights alone on the camp’s island. As one may expect, there are spooky stories of a ghost camper attached to said island and “when Gilllian’s ‘solo’ is interrupted by a local man responding to a distress call, what was meant to be a peaceful time alone in nature devolves into something disturbingly different. As her paranoia mounts, a horrifying secret is uprooted and Gillian finds herself in a desperate fight to survive.”

With some properly eerie cinematography on display, this seems a good campfire story to close out a warm season and (finally) welcome a chillier one. SOLO is On Demand and digital download this October 22

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