Trailer, Release Info: Ben Wheatley’s Stunning “A FIELD IN ENGLAND”


I’ve written no shortage of words on Ben Wheatley currently being one of the most electrifying filmmakers in the world. Sparing any repetition of such, I’ll simply cut to the delightful news that Drafthouse Films’ U.S. release of his latest, A FIELD IN ENGLAND, has officially been revealed. Prepare yourself.

A FIELD IN ENGLAND is something else: A black-and-white, hallucinatory horror show in the tradition of British Folk Horror, in which Wheatley pits deserters of the English Civil War against an alchemist who’s manipulating them via mushrooms to do his bidding. Concerned with little in the way of convention, A FIELD IN ENGLAND is harsh and gorgeous and very, very strange. It’s also host to one of the single eeriest images I saw on screen last year.

The film is sensory overload, a glimpse of which you can get from its official U.S. trailer and incredible new poster, which features endorsement from none other than the master, Martin Scorsese. Drafthouse Films releases A FIELD IN ENGLAND to VOD and limited theatrical release February 7. For a full list of theaters, visit its official site here.


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