Trailer: Joe Swanberg’s Fetish Photography Thriller, “24 EXPOSURES”


Prolific indie filmmaker Joe Swanberg, most closely associated with “mumblecore,” but who’s increasingly stepped into overt genre helming his own SILVER BULLETS and the V/H/S segment “The Sick That Happened To Emily When She Was Younger”, and starring in the likes of the acclaimed YOU’RE NEXT and PROXY, reteams with A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE filmmakers Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett for the sort of neo-late night thriller 24 EXPOSURES. 

In 24 EXPOSURES, A fetish photographer (Wingard) and a homicide detective (Barrett) are brought together when a young model turns up dead. They develop an unlikely friendship, as both are interested in what the other does for a living. Inspired by Nicolas Roeg and Zalman King, Jean Luc Godard and Roger Corman, Michaelangelo Antonioni and Russ Meyers, the film mixes high art and exploitation and asks you to question if there’s any difference between the two when it comes to the artistic impulse.

24 EXPOSURES opens in select theaters on January 24 from IFC Midnight. For much more on the film, read our fantastic, in-depth interview with Swanberg from this past summer’s Fantastia Film Festival. The chat finds him delving into stylistic intent, as well as the ideas both 24 EXPOSURES and working within horror/thriller has allowed him to work with.

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  • Kelly James Mullinix

    I believe you mean ”mumblegore.” Mumblecore is the ”movement” made popular by the Duplass brothers (low budget, character based, often improvised dialogue, Indie movies). The ”gore” being added to describe similar films in the horror genre, namely A Horrible Way To Die and the like. Anyway, I find all of this extremely ridiculous and hate myself for explaining this now and I hope I’ve been informative.

    • Sam Zimmerman

      I didn’t mean “mumblegore,” which is a relatively new term largely thanks to Mr. Swanberg’s close ties with the likes of Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett and Ti West and other horror filmmakers making genre films in the vein of those intimate, low budget, character based indies. Although kind of a nonsense term, Joe Swanberg is probably the “face” of mumblecore itself, alongside Andrew Bujalski and the Duplass Brothers. He directed plenty before hitting genre and the idea of it as a “movement” grew out of his early films like Kissing on the Mouth and Hannah Takes the Stairs and Bujalski’s Funny Ha Ha.

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