Trailer: Elijah Wood’s Hitchcockian Dazzler, “GRAND PIANO”


An endlessly thrilling exercise in classic suspense and wonderful style, Eugenio Mira’s GRAND PIANO has debuted its official trailer for the upcoming U.S. release. It’s a neat set up, laying the conceit of the film before us and then proceeding to unload a deluge of the film’s elating visual flair. It’s a good taste of an audience experience that’s very exciting, indeed.

In GRAND PIANO, Elijah Wood plays renowned, and now reclusive, pianist Tom Selznick who stopped performing after a severe live misstep years ago. On the occasion of his long-awaited return to the stage, in a grand concert hall in Chicago, Tom is confronted with a dire situation. Notes in his music indicate he must play every note correctly or he’ll die tonight. With a simple premise, GRAND PIANO really takes off. Mira’s style cleverly recalls De Palma, Argento and the master, Hitchcock, while Wood delivers an incredible, urgent lead performance.

While certainly a good way to anticipate GRAND PIANO, I’d recommend only watching about half of this trailer, as some of these images you’ll want to take in on as large a screen as possible.

Magnet releases GRAND PIANO on iTunes January 30 and in theaters March 7th. For more on the film, read my review from Fantastic Fest here. [iTunes]

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