TIFF ’14 Trailer: Fabrice du Welz Returns with Brutal Crime Tale, “ALLELUIA”

It’s felt too long since we’ve had a new film from Fabrice du Welz, who crafted the extraordinarily strange CALVAIRE (THE ORDEAL) and the somber VINYAN. A unique filmmaker with a hold on the unsettling, du Welz arrives this September at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival and Austin’s Fantastic Fest with ALLELUIA, a true crime shocker based on the exploits of the infamous “Honeymoon Killers/Lonely Hearts Killers.”

ALLELUIA tells a tale inspired by Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck, a serial killing couple who’d rob and murder women after answering “Lonely Hearts” ads. Their spree was a torrid one. Beck, utterly devoted to Fernandez, would pose as his sister for the intended victims. She’d ultimately lose control when Fernandez would take them to bed.

This is loosely based on such, and told in a contemporary setting. Synopsis: After escaping a bad marriage, Gloria (Lola Dueñas) and her young daughter are looking for a new start. With encouragement by her friend Madeline (Stéphane Bissot), Gloria decides to go out with a man she finds through an Internet dating site. The first date with Michel (Laurent Lucas) is a success. It seems like love at first sight, but after a few weeks, Michel disappears. Gloria eventually discovers a horrible secret about her lover but her commitment doesn’t waiver. She will do anything to be with Michel, including commit murder.

Previous cinematic adaptations of their story include 1969’s THE HONEYMOON KILLERS and 2006’s LONELY HEARTS starring Salma Hayek, Jared Leto and John Travolta. du Welz looks to have a gripping, ghastly account of his own.

For more on ALLELUIA, see its trailer below, and visit its home at both TIFF and Fantastic Fest.

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