“THE X-FILES” Re-opened for 6-Episode Event Series in 2016


Who knew that when THE X-FILES debuted back in 1993, it was destined to end up becoming a massive hit; a pop culture touchstone for which all genre TV, from supernatural sagas to crime procedurals, would be measured by? The show lasted for nine seasons (and two movies) through its world-building, its ability to sustain suspense, and its amazing feat of parlaying it two stars’ chemistry and sexual tension into being one of the primary curiosities in a show that revolved around uncovering evidence of extraterrestrials and government conspiracies.

Now word has come (via 20th Century Fox themselves) that Chris Carter’s iconic series is set to return to the small screen for a six-episode series event with stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson confirmed to reprise their roles as FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully (as if the fans would watch it any other way). While no other cast members have been announced (including previous rumors that the event series will be a bridge for new agents that would lead a full-on revival), production is slated to begin this summer, with a yet-undated 2016 debut in the works. Furthermore, Carter is also announced to direct all six episodes of the event series, coming off his unfortunately aborted Amazon series THE AFTER.

The news comes at a time when both stars have been enjoying a resurgence of relevance, with Anderson reaping in a whole new wave of fandom for her subdued (and Chainsaw Award-nominated) performance as Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier in NBC’s HANNIBAL and BBC Two’s THE FALL, and Duchovny currently filming FOX’s Charles Manson-inspired cop drama AQUARIUS on the heels of wrapping his starring-role stint on Showtime’s CALIFORNICATION. Anderson and Duchovny have also not lost fondness for the characters since the critical and commercial failure of X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE, having expressed their love for the X-FILES universe in many reunion panels, including one at the 2013 New York Comic-Con.

While most retreads of classic television shows are met with a healthy amount of skepticism, THE X-FILES seems like the perfect fictional universe to revisit, even if only for a miniseries, due to its dense mythology (so thick it launched a short-lived but still loved spin-off, THE LONE GUNMEN ). And with another beloved ’90s series, the justifiably worshiped TWIN PEAKS, set to return in the near future, it looks like the current golden age of television is in for another healthy dose of weirdness. So unseal those case files and dust off those “I WANT TO BELIEVE” posters, folks… things are going to get eerie again.

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