The Wolf of WWII: Robert McCammon Horror Adventure to be Adapted


Well, this sounds super. Deadline is reporting Universal and producers Chris Morgan and Emile Gladstone have acquired the rights to Robert McCammon’s adventure novel THE WOLF’S HOUR for big screen adaptation. A tale of globe-trotting war horror that features lycanthropic espionage, a proper adaptation of this 1989 novel seems full of potential for old fashioned fun. 

In THE WOLF’S HOUR, (as per Amazon) “Michael Gallatin is a British spy with a peculiar talent: the ability to transform himself into a wolf. Although his work in North Africa helped the Allies win the continent in the early days of World War II, he quit the service when a German spy shot his lover in her bed. Now, three years later, the army asks him to end his retirement and parachute into occupied Paris. A mysterious German plan called the Iron Fist threatens the D-Day invasion, and the Nazi in charge is the spy who betrayed Michael’s lover. The werewolf goes to France for king and country, hoping for a chance at bloody vengeance.”

Aside from appearing to be a massive good time, the news of a possible WOLF’S HOUR film (written by Bradley and Kevin Marcus, who penned Jennifer Blanc’s upcoming THE NIGHT VISITOR) has me hoping it ushers in a huge reception for this type of story and moreover, big adaptations of the work of Dennis Wheatley. While Hammer’s DEVIL RIDES OUT is one of their best productions, the rest of Wheatley’s oeuvre remains untapped, especially the mediocre movie of TO THE DEVIL A DAUGHTER, the novel of which is thrilling, high adventure with Satanism and British intelligence at its core.

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