“THE TRAP” (Book Review)


By its very nature, the eco-horror film is capable of doing something remarkably distinct and at the same time incredibly admirable: it informs its audience that man’s mistreatment, malicious degradation and neglect of his environment can result in the disastrous and the horrific. Films such as THE PACK, PROPHECY, FROGS and KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS explore varied concerns regarding animal abuse and the dire effects of pollution and the unhealthy results of human influence. Tapping into the rich theme of the natural order being systematically attacked and distorted by opportunistic and unsympathetic human beings is a new book entitled THE TRAP written by actress-turned-writer/animal activist Robin Lamont (GODSPELL, HE KNOWS YOU’RE ALONE).

Lamont has delivered something unique in her novel in that she presents her characters as complex “real” people that navigate a layered, engaging story all about survival in the wake of a recent incident that has her protagonist, an animal rights investigator, rethink her position as a devotee to the plight of wolves (which feature as the novel’s central animal). The beauty of Lamont’s writing is that she injects the prose with a delicate finely tuned balance between visceral intensity, such as the ruthlessness of its violent outbreaks as well as the malice of her “villains” of the piece which come in the shape of a shady and ugly government conspiracy, and romantic lyrical whimsy that celebrates the majesty of wolves and their community.

Lamont weaves together a touching expression of an artistic response to an environmental crisis, and she paints her wolves as a loving pack that deserves to be protected and respected. However, this is not a simple “message” novel at all, it is a dynamic and multi-dimensional thriller that bounces from rigorous mystery chiller to introspective character study with elegant ease and determined narrative function. This is a phenomenal accomplishment from Robin Lamont and something that every animal lover, eco-horror enthusiast and fan of animal-centric thrillers needs on their shelf.



About the author
Lee Gambin
Lee Gambin is a Melbourne, Australia based playwright, screenwriter, film and theatre essayist and journalist. He has been working as a writer for Fangoria magazine since 2008. He has worked in independent theatre for many years as well as Artistic Director of his own independent theatre company. His rock musical OH THE HORROR! was a major success in its initial workshop run in 2009. He has lectured for numerous film societies and film festivals including the Melbourne International Film Festival. Gambin runs Cinemaniacs, a film society in Melbourne that present genre favorites. Gambin’s play KING OF BANGOR was published by Stephen King associative publishing house The Overlook Connection and MASSACRED BY MOTHER NATURE: EXPLORING THE NATURAL HORROR FILM, a film analysis book, is published by Midnight Marquee Press and has had widely positive reviews.
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