The Dreadful Ten: 10 More Icons Who Should Be in The FANGORIA Hall of Fame


Unlike most Halls of Fame, the FANGORIA Hall of Fame is not built by committee but rather by the fans themselves. With voting open as a part of the Chainsaw Awards ballot, the FANGORIA Hall of Fame has seen a variety of horror icons inducted, from FX masters to Final Girls to even iconic zombies.. However, with only so many spots open every year since the Chainsaw Awards’ humble beginnings in 1992, that does mean there are a fair share of deserving horror figures who have yet to have the honor of induction.

Of course, FANGORIA detailed ten of the most criminally absent members in a Dreadful Ten earlier this year, which included: AUDITION director Takashi Miike, genre vet Sam Neill, RE-ANIMATOR/SOCIETY filmmaker Brian Yuzna, HALLOWEEN producer Debra Hill, horror hostess Cassandra Peterson (a/k/a Elvira), TWILIGHT ZONE mastermind Rod Serling, seminal scream queen Marilyn Burns, iconic DRACULA performer Bela Lugosi, screen legend Boris Karloff, and master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock. And for those wondering just who is in the FANGORIA Hall of Fame specifically, you can check out the most recent list on our 2016 Chainsaw Award ballot. But don’t expect to find those names on this list, as here are ten more horror icons who should be in the FANGORIA Hall of Fame!



10. Greg Cannom

A three-time Academy Award winner for Best Make-up with his first being for his astonishing work on BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA, Cannom has never quite had as much fanfare as his more popular counterparts Tom Savini, Rick Baker and Rob Bottin. But having contributed memorable make-up work to projects such as THE FURY, THE HOWLING, THRILLER, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3, VAMP, THE LOST BOYS, FRIGHT NIGHT PART II, TALES FROM THE CRYPT, THE EXORCIST III, SUBSPECIES, ALIEN3, THINNER, BLADE, IDLE HANDS, ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER and Ridley Scott’s HANNIBAL, Cannom has provided nightmares (and FANGORIA Cover Shots) to fright fans for nearly 40 years now and deserves way more recognition among the horror audience than he ultimately receives.



9. William Friedkin

How Friedkin isn’t in the FANGORIA Hall of Fame for THE EXORCIST alone is beyond comprehension. However, if one needs to look at his filmography as a whole, Friedkin’s other horror projects, including THE GUARDIAN, TALES FROM THE CRYPT, BUG, KILLER JOE, CRUISING, RAMPAGE and the ‘80s revival of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, the man surely knows how to provide horror with a particular uncompromising voice like no other. Add in the nerve-wracking suspense and violence of Friedkin’s non-genre work such as SORCERER, TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A. and THE HUNTED and his omission from the Hall of Fame isn’t just criminal; it’s embarassing.



8. Lon Chaney Jr.

That’s right: Lon Chaney Jr., a true horror icon and lover of the genre, is somehow not in the FANGORIA Hall of Fame. Sadly, many golden age horror icons such as Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Peter Lorre and Anthony Perkins also have not found their way into the FANGORIA Hall of Fame, but Lon Chaney Jr. carries a legacy of horror unlike any other. Having portrayed The Wolf Man (his most iconic role, which he would reprise twice), The Mummy, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Son of Dracula and much more, it’s only fitting that Lon Chaney Jr. find a seat at FANGORIA’s most prestigious table.



7. Jennifer Lynch

Surprisingly more genre-oriented than her famous father David Lynch, Jennifer Lynch has truly earned her birthright as a dangerous fright filmmaker in recent years. Whether it be SURVEILLANCE, HISSS, CHAINED or her television work, including phenomenal turns behind the camera on THE WALKING DEAD and SOUTH OF HELL, Lynch has proven to be a force of female filmmaking to be reckoned with.



6. Tom Holland

Come on, horror fans. Tom Holland is the man behind some of the genre’s most memorable films and stories, including FRIGHT NIGHT, CHILD’S PLAY, THINNER, PSYCHO II, and THE LANGOLIERS, CLASS OF 1984 and THE BEAST WITHIN. And if you factor in his spectacular episodes of TALES FROM THE CRYPT, MASTERS OF HORROR, AMAZING STORIES and TWISTED TALES as well as his acting roles in projects like HATCHET II and THE STAND, Tom Holland has certainly earned his place in the FANGORIA Hall of Fame, don’t you think?



5. Frank Henenlotter

Although he has only a select few titles in his filmography, there’s few voices as unique and as bizarre as Frank Henenlotter. Director of such cult titles as BASKET CASE, BRAIN DAMAGE, BASKET CASE II, FRANKENHOOKER, BASKET CASE III, BAD BIOLOGY, Henenlotter’s penchant for over-the-top horror comedy has long been a favorite of the FANGORIA audience. And although many within the horror comedy camp such as Lloyd Kaufman and Edgar Wright remain unrepresented in the FANGORIA Hall of Fame, Henenlotter is perhaps the most overdue for induction.



4. Gale Anne Hurd

A producer extraordinaire in the genre for more than 3 decades, Hurd helped introduce the world to THE TERMINATOR, ALIENS, BAD DREAMS, TREMORS, CAST A DEADLY SPELL, RAISING CAIN, THE GHOST AND THE DARKNESS, THE RELIC, VIRUS and THE WALKING DEAD. Coming from the Corman school of filmmaking alongside frequent collaborator James Cameron and having films like ALLIGATOR, SCREAMERS and HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP on her resume, Hurd is one of the many female voices underrated in the genre despite her myriad contributions. And with THE WALKING DEAD still going strong now in its sixth season, Hurd’s viability as a Hall of Fame candidate has been more relevant than ever.



3. Gunnar Hansen

The first Leatherface, Gunnar Hansen’s tragic passing last year robbed the horror community of one of its warmest personalities. A lover of horror through and through, it’s about time the chainsaw-wielding legend found his name carved into the FANGORIA Hall of Fame.



2. Alice Cooper

The most iconic purveyor of horror and rock ‘n’ roll, Alice Cooper’s dedication to the genre is unrivaled by any musical act out there. And with an exceptional 2015 tour behind him, Cooper’s popularity has yet to wane, making him a prime candidate to be the first bona fide rock star inducted into the FANGORIA Hall of Fame.



1. Tony Todd

It was with absolute shock that this writer saw that the FANGORIA Hall of Fame didn’t have a single person of color in its ranks, and even more shocked that while Kane Hodder, Robert Englund, Brad Dourif and other scare fare icons were in the HoF, Tony Todd’s name remained absent. A genre staple for over 20 years and star of the CANDYMAN, HATCHET and FINAL DESTINATION franchises, it’s a legitimate shame that Todd hasn’t been voted into the FANGORIA Hall of Fame. Rectify it, fright fans.

And now, here are some honorable mentions who didn’t quite make the cut…


Writer/Director Dan O’Bannon

The writer of ALIEN and the director of RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, Dan O’Bannon’s legacy as a horror great has still yet to be cemented in our Hall of Fame.


Filmmaker Neil Marshall

While THE DESCENT alone would be enough to usher Marshall into horror greatness, DOG SOLDIERS, DOOMSDAY and TALES OF HALLOWEEN are just the terrifying icing on the cake.


AMERICAN PSYCHO director Mary Harron

With XX on the horizon, Harron’s work on AMERICAN PSYCHO, THE MOTH DIARIES and FEAR ITSELF warrants way more recognition among the horror audience.


Horror vet Ernest Dickerson

Director of DEMON KNIGHT, BONES, SURVIVING THE GAME as well as some of the best episodes of THE WALKING DEAD, DEXTER and MASTERS OF HORROR, Dickerson truly deserves to be the first African American filmmaker in the FANGORIA Hall of Fame.


Writer/Novelist Jack Ketchum

While Stephen King and Clive Barker rest easy in the FANGORIA Hall of Fame, Ketchum’s wicked writings are equally as terrifying and punishing as those writer’s most macabre novels.

You can vote for any of these icons for the FANGORIA Hall of Fame via the ballot instructions HERE.

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