The Dreadful Ten: 10 Filmmakers We Want To See Direct The “HALLOWEEN” Reboot!


Since the announcement earlier this year from Blumhouse regarding the HALLOWEEN reboot, fright fans have been in the dark about where the franchise may go in its next chapter. With 2016 marking the biggest gap between HALLOWEEN films in the franchise’s history, it’s hard to predict just who might take the reins and bring their unique vision to such an iconic series. So with horror’s most beloved holiday now in the rearview, FANGORIA has put together ten candidates we would love to see in the director’s chair for Blumhouse’s HALLOWEEN!



  1. Bobbin Ramsey (DEAD BODY)

With DEAD BODY being one of the best contemporary slasher offerings this writer has seen, this up-and-coming filmmaker has proven her value in directing teens in peril while executing shocking kill sequences with expert precision. Furthermore, Ramsey’s skill in crafting organic chemistry and tension from her performers would certainly come in handy should HALLOWEEN decide to go for Blumhouse’s oft-targeted youth audience.



  1. Sean Byrne (THE LOVED ONES)

Despite its unfortunately botched release, THE LOVED ONES offered up a perfect balance between twisted entertainment, domestic creepiness and brutal horror, in which Sean Byrne presented a visceral vision that’s really unlike anything horror fans have seen before. If THE LOVED ONES is akin to his take on a TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE and THE DEVIL’S CANDY is akin to his contemporary supernatural film, this writer would love to see this curveball candidate take on HALLOWEEN.



  1. Eugenio Mira (GRAND PIANO)

A diverse and ambitious visionary director in his own right, Eugenio Mira has proven his cinematic chops with De Palma-esque subversions of horror tropes in films such as THE BIRTHDAY, AGNOSIA, and GRAND PIANO. If one might go looking for a HALLOWEEN that’s closer to Bryan Fuller’s HANNIBAL than Rob Zombie’s visceral iteration, one might look no further than Mira to lead the charge.



  1. Adam Egypt Mortimer (SOME KIND OF HATE)

Considering the hard-hitting FX work and potent emotional drama in last year’s SOME KIND OF HATE, Adam Egypt Mortimer has been primed for his own studio slasher property for quite some time. If that film, as well as his stellar “New Year’s Segment” in Holidays, is any indications of what Mortimer can wrangle from straightforward horror concepts, he should have no problem offering a unique, violent vision for HALLOWEEN that could really resonate with audiences old and new.



  1. Chloe Okuno (SLUT)

If you were lucky enough to catch Chloe Okuno’s SLUT during it’s festival run, there’s no denying that Okuno could become a real power player in the genre, should she be given the right opportunity. If she could bring her fresh voice, clever visuals, and stunning sense of scale to the new HALLOWEEN canon, that might just be the opportunity Okuno could use to become the next big independent horror filmmaker.



  1. Anthony Scott Burns (HOLIDAYS)

While there are many solid segments in the HOLIDAYS anthology, none quite packed the punch as Anthony Scott Burns’ “Father’s Day” segment, an emotionally gripping and mesmerizingly creepy investigation into a broken family bond. With Burns’ debut feature OUR HOUSE currently in post-production, proving the burgeoning filmmaker can hold down a bigger production, this writer would love to see what spin Burns could bring to the HALLOWEEN franchise.




  1. Damien Chazelle (WHIPLASH)

Though Damien Chazelle might be known better for his Oscar-caliber productions like WHIPLASH and LA LA LAND, Chazelle is also notable for his writing work on intense genre films such as 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE, THE LAST EXORCISM PART II and the aforementioned GRAND PIANO. With Chazelle already tied to the Blumhouse camp via WHIPLASH, this out-of-left-field candidate could really deliver something unexpected and suspenseful should he be courted for the HALLOWEEN reboot.



  1. Karyn Kusama (THE INVITATION)

After a phenomenal return-to-form for the filmmaker with THE INVITATION, Kusama’s confident execution of slow-burn, breathtaking human horror makes her a serious contender to take over the HALLOWEEN franchise. Furthermore, should the narrative sway back to Laurie Strode, a unique female perspective from a seasoned filmmaker might be just the right way to shake up the audience’s expectation of a familiar slasher story.



  1. Derek Lee & Clif Prowse (AFFLICTED)

AFFLICTED is easily one of this writer’s favorite found footage films, with a truly clever, character-driven creature feature. With the incredible stunt work and gore FX, as well as honestly organic relationships at the center of the film, it’s a shame Lee & Prowse have yet to tackle a sophomore scare flick. Yet if Blumhouse is really looking for an outside-the-box take on HALLOWEEN, perhaps Lee & Prowse could do for the slasher what AFFLICTED did for the vampire.



  1. Jeremy Saulnier (GREEN ROOM)

GREEN ROOM is easily one of the most intense, brutal, and captivating genre film experiences in recent memory, and with the film helping put filmmaker Jeremy Saulnier on the radar of many film studios, Blumhouse would be remiss if they were not at least considering Saulnier for HALLOWEEN. It’s a no-brainer: if Saulnier can make Michael Myers half as scary and ruthless as the Neo-Nazis in GREEN ROOM, it’ll still be the scariest Myers has been since his first appearance in 1978.

And now, here are some honorable mentions who unfortunately didn’t make the cut…

Adam Wingard
While rumors persist that Wingard has turned down the job, there’s no denying that the director of THE GUEST and YOU’RE NEXT would be an inspired choice for the next Haddonfield horror story.

Ernest Dickerson
Perhaps the only old-school Master of Horror on this list, Dickerson’s work on the small screen indicates that he still has what it takes to scare the hell out of contemporary horror audiences.

Andre Ovredal
Following THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE, this writer hopes that Ovredal’s penchant for fun, subversive storytelling might fall upon the oft-serious HALLOWEEN franchise.

David Bruckner
After his experience with FRIDAY THE 13TH, it would be surprising if David Bruckner would return to another franchise so soon, but considering the sheer talent of the filmmaker in question, FANGO would welcome a Bruckner-helmed HALLOWEEN film with open arms.

Andy Mitton & Jesse Holland
With a horror home run to their credit in the form of the fright fest favorite WE GO ON, Mitton & Holland precise and petrifying eye would be a boon for those looking for a more traditional HALLOWEEN entry.

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