Texas Frightmare Weekend 2016: The FANGORIA/TFW Mixtape!


With only one week before Texas Frightmare Weekend descends upon the Hyatt Regency DFW, excitement is at a fever pitch for the star-studded event featuring the stars of the SCREAM, HALLOWEEN and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET franchises. Yet with so much to do and so many people to see and meet during the Southwest’s Premiere Horror Convention, one wonders how they might keep their brains from reaching maximum overload. Luckily, FANGORIA has you covered, as we’ve assembled a carefully curated mixtape to play as the unofficial soundtrack for Texas Frightmare Weekend!

Whether you’re waiting to meet your favorite horror icon, roaming the TFW floor or need a groove to keep your head from spinning, these twenty tracks are inspired by the guests (and their extensive fright filmography) of Texas Frightmare Weekend 2016. So bring up your Spotify, break out those iTunes gift cards or dust off your Vinyl collection, and check out FANGORIA’s Texas Frightmare Weekend mixtape!

Track 1: “Welcome to my Nightmare” by Alice Cooper
For Freddy Fanatics and NIGHTMARE nuts, this Alice Cooper track will start your Texas Frightmare experience with a scream!

Track 2: “Ode to Joy” by Ludwig van Beethoven
With TFW’s numerous nods to DAY OF THE DEAD, this track goes out to ol’ Bub himself!

Track 3: “He’s Back” by Alice Cooper
No matter who is wearing the hockey mask, “He’s Back” has been the signature Jason Voorhees theme song for over thirty years now.

Track 4: “You Belong to Me” by Rose McGowan
From the GRINDHOUSE soundtrack, McGowan’s serenade is sure to bring a tear to even hardened horrorheads.

Track 5: “Hard Luck Woman” by KISS
Even though “Beth” is his most famous track, Peter Criss’ work on “Hard Luck Woman” is a bit more rockin’ than the aforementioned ballad.

Track 6: “Nowhere to Run” by Arnold McCuller
If you’re sprinting to get to the two WARRIORS stars at TFW, this groovy tune will help put some pep in your step.

Track 7: “Fever” by The Cramps
Raise your TFW pint glass to the incredible Lance Henriksen when this macabre number from NEAR DARK bites into your eardrum…

Track 8: “Music Box” by Philip Glass
Although you might want to stay mum when it comes to the name “Candyman”, you can play this eerie instrumental from the CANDYMAN soundtrack as much as you want.

Track 9: “Red Right Hand” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Fright fanatics will instantly recognize this sinister SCREAM soundtrack staple.

Track 10: “Halloween II Theme” by John Carpenter
With HALLOWEEN II royalty in the house, Texas Frightmare attendees better queue up this wicked reprise of Horror’s most recognizable title track.

Track 11: “Party Time” by 45 Grave
Do you wanna party? Then you better blast this unforgettable offering from the RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD soundtrack.

Track 12: “Dream Warriors” by Dokken
Calling all Elm Street brats! Hair Metal has never been more horrifying than with Dokken’s anthem for A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET PART III: THE DREAM WARRIORS.

Track 13:  “Main Title (Escape from New York)” by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth
With Texas Frightmare Weekend hosting Alan Howarth for their exclusive VIP party, shake off those post-apocalyptic blues with the badass theme to ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK.

Track 14: “Pet Sematary” by The Ramones
Before you get a signature from Gage himself, actor Miko Hughes, rock out to this awesome PET SEMATARY credits track from The Ramones.

Track 15: “Confusion (Pump Panel Remix)” by New Order
With both Kenny Johnson and Traci Lords in the house, this pulse-pounding remix from BLADE’s iconic opening scene is bound to get your blood pumping!

Track 16: “Hip to be Square” by Huey Lewis & The News
Get classy with Patrick Bateman’s murder song-of-choice, and be sure not to pump up the volume when you’re near AMERICAN PSYCHO co-star Samantha Mathis!

Track 17: “Nightmare” by Tuesday Knight
Not only did TFW guest Tuesday Knight co-star in A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET PART 4, but she killed it on the soundtrack with the film’s opening credits number.

Track 18: “No More Mr. Nice Guy” by Megadeth
With Mitch Pileggi attending this year’s Texas Frightmare Weekend, this memorable Megadeth track will give SHOCKER fans a reason to rock out on the convention floor.

Track 19: “The County Road Cover-Up” by KARDIAC
FANGORIA Musick will be digging through the innards of the FANGORIA booth, and with KARDIAC himself gracing Texas Frightmare Weekend, you can find out his scary sensibilities in this wicked hip-hop track.

Track 20: “Repentless” by Slayer
Before you see HAIR METAL SHOTGUN ZOMBIE MASSACRE, feed your brain with “Repentless,” one of the latest singles from the film’s co-star, SLAYER frontman Tom Araya!

Before we wrap up this final Texas Frightmare Weekend update, FANGORIA would like to announce that we will indeed have merchandise for sale at the FANGORIA booth! From issues featuring TFW guests (including vintage mags) to high-ticket FANGORIA collectibles exclusive to Texas Frightmare Weekend, be sure to get your FANGO fix at Texas Frightmare Weekend! And don’t forget: FANGORIA will also have exclusive signed posters from Vertical Entertainment as well as merchandise from FANGORIA Musick, so there will be something for everyone at the FANGORIA booth!

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