Teen filmmakers dare you to “SURVIVE” zombie attack


New York indie writer/director Evan Makrogiannis has given us (with filmmaking partner Brian Weaver) the likes of THE SUPER and THE TURNPIKE KILLER, and now his son Liam has gotten into the game with the zombie opus SURVIVE. Read on for some exclusive comments about the movie.

SURVIVEMAKROGIANNISNEWS1A New York Horror Film Productions project, SURVIVE was written and directed by 13-year-old Liam, with FX by 15-year-old Johnny Dickie. “The movie was conceived and written by Liam in early spring 2012,” Evan tells us, “but things really got rolling when Liam and Johnny met at the Severed Film Fest in Pennsylvania this past May. Liam’s goal was to hark back to the brutal and gory days of Romero and Fulci zombies—the days of Savini FX. Teaming up with Johnny, the kid behind VIDEO VENDETTA, was a natural fit. This will be a retro homage, seen through the eyes of kids who never lived during the glory days of horror!”

He also provided the synopsis: “Environmental terrorists poison the New York City water supply, and the result is ‘the contaminated’: people who died from the poisoning only to become reanimated dead flesh, seething for fresh human blood. Two boys [played by Liam and Dickie] separated from their school trip on the day of the outbreak are forced to run, hide and survive for two weeks until they are saved by a military man [Edgar Moyé from TURNPIKE and SUPER]. The trio seek refuge in a house filled with other survivors; lacking food, water and supplies, their tempers rise and the tension grows thick, and they are left to wonder if their supposed safe haven is more dangerous than the zombie-ridden streets. The story progresses with betrayals, heroism, acts of brutality, cannibalism, desperation and hope.”

The cast also includes other SUPER alumni like Demetri Kallas, Ruby LaRocca, Manoush and Steve Kilcullen, “and there are cameos by people like Lloyd Kaufman, Horrorboobs’ Matt Desiderio [pictured below with Liam] and Lunchmeat magazine’s Josh Schafer,” Evan says. “Award-winning DP Reiki Tsuno manned the camera. As for myself, I managed the script and served as Liam’s PA and mentor through the process, but this is his deal and I respect that. Expect the first screenings in early 2014; a VHS edition will be released, and then we’re going to seek DVD distribution.” Find out more at SURVIVE’s Facebook page.


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