Teaser Trailer for Psychic Powered Killer Kid Film, “JUNE”


Now in production is L Gustavo Cooper’s JUNE, a tale of a titular little firestarter struggling with pyro powers and a demon inside. In anticipation of what the film will be, you can see its first short form teaser trailer below.

Produced by Raven Banner Entertainment, “June is the story about a nine-year-old orphan who has become the vessel of a supernatural being called Aer. June struggles holding Aer back from lashing out when other kids tease and bully her. Aer leaves a trail of damaged and destroyed foster homes in her wake. June quickly bonds with her new adoptive parents Lily and Dave. But she must discover her true identity to overcome this inner demon in order to save herself, her new family, and to find love and acceptance in a chaotic world.”

Clearly in line with horror stories of conflicted, hurt children, this trailer is interesting for just how June’s power manifests. CHRONICLE and AFFLICTED are both embraced by the horror side of things, but see their characters transforming with the visual language of superheroes. The way June prepares to lay waste to a village here isn’t dissimilar. There’s a comic book tone to the anticipation. Is this all indicative of horror films playing on a darker side of one of the most popular mediums/forms of storytelling today?

We’ll find out soon. Keep an eye on Fango for more as JUNE develops.

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