Take a trip to “CHARLIE’S FARM” with Hodder and Moseley in new teaser trailer


There’s a very big, very dangerous presence stalking CHARLIE’S FARM in the new Australian-lensed fright film, which co-stars a couple of horror icons. Jump past the jump to see the first teaser.

Written and directed by Chris Sun, whose revenge shocker DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL hits U.S. DVD next Tuesday, May 13 from Breaking Glass, CHARLIE’S FARM is about a group of vacationers who decide to check out the titular location of a family massacre by an angry mob, and discover that the local legend of the hulking, murderous Charlie (Nathan Jones) is very real. Tara Reid, Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder, Allira Jaques, Dean Kirkright and Sam Coward also star. Fango visited the set of CHARLIE’S FARM, so look for lots more coverage in the future, and see the movie’s Facebook page here.

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    If you’ve seen Come And Get Me or Daddy’s Little Girl then watched this teaser you can rest assured that while the gore will be good the rest of it will most likely be hard to watch, no matter who stars in it.

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