Synapse Films to release “DEMONS” and “DEMONS 2” movie-only discs


The fans asked for ’em, and now they’re on the way: Movie-only DVDs and Blu-rays of Synapse Films’ striking hi-def transfers of Lamberto Bava’s DEMONS and DEMONS 2.

Fango got the scoop that Synapse will release these new discs November 11, having previously issued the DEMONS duo in limited-edition Steelbook versions (see reviews here). These lower-priced discs ($19.95 for the DVDs, $24.95 for the Blu-rays) will allow more Bava buffs to own the new hi-def 1080p widescreen transfers from original vault materials, with all-new color correction and subtitles; DEMONS will come with the “international English” stereo soundtrack and the “U.S. mono” alternate English dub track, while DEMONS 2 will have the international English stereo soundtrack. Both films will also be accompanied by their original theatrical trailers.



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