Synapse Films Blu-ray update: “PHENOMENA,” “MANOS,” etc.


Genre Blu-ray/DVD specialist Synapse Films has a hot lineup of horror titles coming on disc in 2015, and we got a few details on what’s up with some of them, including their next Italian-horror releases.

Right now, the company is hard at work on its trio of Dario Argento titles: PHENOMENA (pictured above, a.k.a. CREEPERS), TENEBRE and, further down the road, the 4K restoration of SUSPIRIA. Synapse’s Don May Jr. tells Fango, “We’re working with the high-definition PHENOMENA and TENEBRE masters from France’s Wild Side, but doing additional work to make the presentations the best they can be. It’s not confirmed yet, but our plan is to include all three editions of PHENOMENA: the 116-minute version, the 110-minute version and New Line’s 82-minute CREEPERS. It might be fun to include CREEPERS in hi-def for the first time.” Both PHENOMENA and TENEBRE will include new interviews and other bonus features as well.

From the sublimely stylish to the ridiculous, Synapse is also busy preparing Harold P. Warren’s classic Z-movie MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE for its hi-def unveiling, working from a restoration by Ben Solvey. “It’s been a long road,” May says, “but we’re excited that Ben has picked us to help him release MANOS. We’re in authoring and compression right now, and we have extras created by Ben and Daniel Griffith’s Ballyhoo Motion Pictures, including a making-of and a commentary.”

In addition, May reveals that their special edition of Curt McDowell’s bizarre adult/horror/mystery/black comedy THUNDERCRACK! will be out for its 40th anniversary this year, which will also see Synapse’s releases of Jim McCullough’s Bigfoot cult fave CREATURE FROM BLACK LAKE, Jim Wynorski’s SORCERESS starring Julie Strain and Linda Blair and Kurando Mitsutake’s SAMURAI AVENGER. Keep your eyes here for more details on these discs as we get ’em, and look for a bunch of PHENOMENA coverage (including new chats with Argento, actress Daria Nicolodi and others) in Fango #340, on sale next month!

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