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Price: 50 USD In stock

The latest in our celebrated line of FANGORIA Legends limited-edition magazines is an examination of the films, music and wild world of the one and only Rob Zombie! Inside this special mag (only 2,000 copies to be printed, and shipping at the end of May), you’ll find the mother of all Zombie interviews, a massive, no-holds-barred, oozing-warts-and-all career-spanning chat conducted by Trevor Parker that leaves no rock (or roll) unturned. Supporting that talk, you’ll find tons of new interviews with Zombie alumni of every sort, as well as scads of ultra-rare (some never-before-published) photos handpicked by Zombie from his personal collection for this publication. And groove on the cover painting by our regular FANGORIA Legends artist Kelly Forbes!

FANGORIA Legends presents Rob Zombie is a gift to hardcore fans that will sell out fast. Pre-order your copy today here!

PLEASE NOTE: As a reminder, the Rob Zombie issue will not ship until the end of May. If you have other items in your shopping cart that you would like shipped before then, it is suggested that you place a separate order for these items so as not to delay delivery.

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