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GOREZONE #29 00082
Special Issues
Price: 11.99 USD In stock

For GOREZONE #29, we sat down with Ruggero Deodato, whose notorious CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST is due for a major reissue next year, for a lengthy look back at his controversial career. For more flesh-munching, this issue starts with a lengthy retrospective on zombies in the comics word and ends with a piece on CANNIBAL FEROX; in between you’ll find a blood-drenched survey of the films of J-Splatter maestro Yoshihiro Nishimura, a talk with composer Hermann Kopp about his collaborations with NEKROMANTIK auteur Jörg Buttgereit, an interview and explicit four-page pictorial with macabre performance artist/actress Madelina Horn, new columns by Tim Lucas and Tom Savini and much more. GOREZONE is available by subscription only (it’s too rough for newsstands!), still for just $45 for one year/six issues, so go here to order; issue #28 is also available here.

BLOOD FEST Confessions of a “Holocaust” survivor

GUT REACTIONS Old fans welcome us back with severed arms.

RETROSPECTIVE: ZOMBIE COMICS In the late ’80s and ’90s, walking corpses invaded the pages in a big, bloody way.

PROFILE: YOSHIHIRO NISHIMURA He’s the number-one “Helldriver” behind the modern Japanese splatter trend.

TOM SAVINI’S MAKEUP FX LAB George A. Romero’s “Monkey Shines” showcased a primate example of his animal-making talents.

INTERVIEW/PICTORIAL: MADELINA HORN In art, on stage and now in movies, she explores the dark side with abandon.

INTERVIEW: RUGGERO DEODATO With “Cannibal Holocaust,” he combined a style and a subject for an impact unequaled since.

BIJOU OF THE BANNED A new column on censored cinema debuts with Lucio Fulci’s “Cat in the Brain.”

TIM LUCAS: TALES FROM THE ATTIC The art of the audio commentary involves more than getting your facts straight.

INTERVIEW: THE BROTHERS GORE Up in Canada, a pair of rising makeup FX talents are living up to their nickname.

INTERVIEW: HERMANN KOPP The German musician provided very odd love themes for controversial filmmaker Jörg Buttgereit.

FICTION: “Z IS FOR ZULU ZOMBIES” Erstwhile Cenobite Barbie Wilde unleashes African ghouls in London.


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