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FANGORIA® Issue #334


FANGORIA® Issue #334 00119
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NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE, Werner Herzog’s remake of the silent-era classic, has endured for 35 years, and the great filmmaker sat down for an extensive, exclusive chat exploring all sides of the Klaus Kinski-starring masterpiece of mood. We’ve got a set visit to Scott (SINISTER) Derrickson’s exorcism/detective thriller DELIVER US FROM EVIL; James DeMonaco on revisiting the ultimate night of crime in THE PURGE: ANARCHY; Bobcat Goldthwait recalling his Bigfoot-hunting trip to WILLOW CREEK; actress Pollyanna (THE WOMAN) McIntosh talking up her new genre projects; the directors of the independent horrors CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO, THE HUMAN RACE, THE JUNGLE, WRATH OF THE CROWS, MY FAIR ZOMBIE and VAMPYRES; a Makeup FX Lab by monster master Gary J. Tunnicliffe on the creation of an ANIMAL; and much more. Head down past the cover for the full details, and click here to subscribe to FANGORIA!


PICTORIAL: FANGO AT TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND Our mag mavens mingled with gruesome guests and fevered fans.

PREVIEW: “THE PURGE: ANARCHY” Writer/director James DeMonaco paints a bigger canvas red in the violent sequel.

ON SET: “DELIVER US FROM EVIL” Investigate exorcisms with a real-life detective in the latest from Scott (“Sinister”) Derrickson. Plus: How to “Deliver” demonic makeup FX.

PREVIEW: “WRATH OF THE CROWS” With filmmaker Ivan Zuccon in charge, being imprisoned with Debbie Rochon and Tiffany Shepis is a bleak prospect.

PREVIEW: “THE JUNGLE” The search for a rare species puts humans on the endangered list in Andrew Traucki’s mood piece.

MAKEUP FX LAB: “ANIMAL” Gary J. Tunnicliffe made sure the Chiller film’s threat was unmistakably unfriendly.

INTERVIEW: POLLYANNA McINTOSH Savage yet sympathetic in “The Woman,” the actress brings different shadings to “Love Eternal” et al.

FEATURE: SHEILA KEITH, PART ONE How could such a kindly-looking woman be so cruel? Find out as we look back at the Brit actress’ career in fright.

INTERVIEW: WERNER HERZOG There’s no arguing that the German auteur’s “Nosferatu” is a remake that got it right. Plus: Herzog goes burlesque!

MINIFEATURE: “VAMPYRES” Sexy suckers stalk male prey anew, this time in Spain for director Víctor Matellano.

PREVIEW: “CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO” Skin is bared and flesh is eaten as Kaare Andrews brings the disease to the islands.

PREVIEW: “THE HUMAN RACE” It has one winner and 79 dead losers in Paul Hough’s grueling competition shocker.

INTERVIEW: BENTLEY LITTLE Eschewing social media, he wins raves for novels about antisocial establishments and individuals.

MINIFEATURE: JOSHUA HOFFINE Turning from frightful photography to moving pictures, he sings a “Black Lullaby.”

PREVIEW: “MY FAIR ZOMBIE” Etiquette becomes eat-iquette in Brett Kelly’s twist on the classic musical.

INTERVIEW: ORVILLE STOEBER The multitalented music man said yes to the offer, “Let’s score ‘Jessica to Death.’ ”

PREVIEW: “WILLOW CREEK” Bobcat Goldthwait put on a straight face to tell a documentary-style Bigfoot tale.


FIRST RITES The romance of “Nosferatu”

POSTAL ZONE Readers slip us some opinions on “Skin”

MONSTER INVASION Previews of “The Signal” and “Joy Ride 3: Road Kill”

THE VIDEO EYE OF DR. CYCLOPS Reviews of Dan Curtis’ “Dracula,” “Sleepaway Camp,” “Countess Dracula,” “Almost Human” and others

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