“STAKE LAND” Sequel Announced, Completed!


On Tuesday, Dark Sky Films, Glass Eye Pix and Syfy offered a surprise announcement that very few fright fans saw coming: Jim Mickle’s STAKE LAND is not only getting a sequel, but has already wrapped filming! According to Entertainment Weekly, THE STAKELANDER returns to a post apocalyptic world ravaged by vampires, set several years after the first film. Along with the vicious, predatory vampires, the religious cult of the Brotherhood returns to make the future a terrifyingly dangerous era to live in.

The anticipated film is directed by Dan Berk & Robert Olsen, known best for their 2015 fright film BODY, and is based on a screenplay by Nick Damici, who returns to play the renowned vampire hunter Mister. Connor Paolo (MYSTIC RIVER) also returns from the first film to resume his role as Martin, a teenager whose family was killed by vampires in STAKE LAND. Unfortunately, it appears that original STAKE LAND filmmaker Jim Mickle (who co-wrote STAKE LAND and WE ARE WHAT WE ARE with Damici) will not be involved with the production this time around, likely due to his responsibilities on HAP AND LEONARD.

In THE STAKELANDER, Martin’s home, New Eden, is attacked by the Brotherhood. Left alone and craving revenge, Martin sets out to find his old mentor, Mister. The two survivors are reunited, but the Brotherhood has grown stronger, and the threats Martin and Mister face are gargantuan.

THE STAKELANDER is the latest film to arise from the combined efforts of Dark Sky Films and Glass Eye Pix, who have previously turned out films such as LATE PHASES, STAKE LAND, THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, and THE INNKEEPERS. However, don’t expect THE STAKELANDER to premiere at a theater near you: the sequel will premiere as a Syfy Original in the coming months. Stay tuned for more on THE STAKELANDER here at FANGORIA.com.

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