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Special Announcement: FANGORIA Brings Holiday Horror Classic “SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT” Back to the Big Screen this December!


FANGORIA, together with Screenvision and Brainstorm Media, are thrilled to announce the re-release of the controversial, ultra-bloody anti-Holiday slasher favorite SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT, opening wide across the country in theaters everywhere!

Released in 1984 to outrage and parental paranoia, director Charles Sellier’s killer Kris Kringle creeper tells the tale of a tot who, on Christmas Eve 1974, sees mommy kissing Santa’s axe as a lunatic invades their home and murders his family.  Growing up in an abusive Catholic orphanage, the poor put-upon lad grows up to be a similar psycho in a Santa suit and goes on a bloody rampage. The film will be fully uncut and re-mastered, better to see every inch of those deer antlers penetrate poor Linnea Quigley’s breastplate.

SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT will open on December 4th running to December 17th  across the country, a presentation of FANGORIA Films and Brainstorm Media.

Check out the new trailer and the new theatrical one sheet from artist Marc Schoenbach at Sadist Art, as well as the original 1984 release trailer.

Keep your bleary eyes focused on Fangoria.com and FANGORIAONSCREEN.COM for more updates on this triumphant return of a bona fide trash classic to the big screen.


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  • Pervula

    Thank you Fangoria for this X-mas gift! This film works so well with an audience. I’m there.

  • http://www.indiehorror.tv/ Robert Poole

    It’s too bad Fangoriaonscreen.com doesn’t actually work.

  • Eric Ford

    Who do I contact to bring this to my local theater in Burlington Vermont?

  • KK

    Awesome! I can’t wait to see this on the big screen! Looks like http://www.fangoriaonscreen.com isn’t up yet, and the trailer is still unlisted BTW. Not sure if the latter is intentional.

  • Joshua Alt

    Is this going to be released on DVD/Blu-Ray as well? I would love to own a unrated copy that was completely remastered.

  • Richard Cavellero

    I need to c this! when? where? it’s a tradition watching this, but on the big screen would b amazing!

  • The Voice of Reason

    Website on poster leads me to some sorta of medical webpage.

  • Joshua Clark

    Hopefully gets a fair shake this time around on the big screen.

  • KellyWarrenHammond

    FangoriaOnScreen.com web site isn’t working :(

  • James A Crawford Jr.

    Can We PLEASE get more release dates for this? I’m in Ohio and the closest theatre to me Sprindale Showcase is only playing it on one day when I work in the middle of the week. Can we get more theatres near the Dayton area or Beavercreek Ohio area to play this. Or play this on the weekend of the 6th? Please?

  • Johnny Maniac

    The New Beverly Cinema here in Los Angeles, CA every year in December a few weeks before Christmas screens a double feature Bob Clark’s Black Christmas (1974) with either Silent Night Deadly Night or Silent Night Deadly Night 2 and sometimes Christmas Evil. It is always a treat to watch these on the big screen with a fun group of people, who love these Christmas Slasher films just like me. The New Beverly Cinema doesn’t tolerate people using their phones during the films either. It has never been a problem at any of the screenings. So If you are looking for something fun to watch during the Christmas season and you live in Los Angeles, come check it out.

    Johnny Maniac

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  • Eugene Weaver

    From the looks of it, this is just the 79 minute heavily edited R rated version. While I know the uncut stuff on the DVD is of lesser quality, why not at least include it? People going to see this will I would imagine want the complete version. In fact, this is playing about 45 minutes from me and I can’t see myself driving that far to watch the cut version, remastered or not. Cool that it’s being re-released but no unrated, no dice.

  • ricky

    saw it on friday the 13th and it was, unfortunately, the R-rated version….

  • Monroville

    Does Fangoria plan on releasing this on blu-ray?

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