Spanish genre filmmaker to direct “JURASSIC WORLD 2”


After plucking Colin Treverrow from the American indie scene to helm the first JURASSIC WORLD, the forces behind the sequel have headed overseas to secure his successor.

Producer Frank Marshall posted on Twitter that Spanish director J.A. Bayona has come aboard JURASSIC WORLD 2, which is slated for Universal Pictures release June 22, 2018. Bayona, who was once attached to WORLD WAR Z 2, made his feature debut after a number of shorts with 2007’s ghost story THE ORPHANAGE, which won rave reviews and scored at the U.S. box office. He then proved his skill at big-scale destruction with 2012’s frighteningly intense tsunami drama THE IMPOSSIBLE, has helmed episodes of PENNY DREADFUL and is currently at work on the dark fantasy A MONSTER CALLS, which Focus Features releases October 14. Trevorrow and scripting partner Derek Connolly returned to write JURASSIC WORLD 2, for which stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are also expected to be back. Plot details are, needless to say, being kept under wraps.

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