Sneak peek: Ama Lea’s exclusive Ashlynn Yennie photos for upcoming GOREZONE and FANGORIA!


Among the staples of our newly resurrected GOREZONE magazine are in-depth interviews with genre-toiling femme fatales and exclusive accompanying—and often revealing—photo spreads. For the upcoming GOREZONE #30, we’re proud to spotlight HUMAN CENTIPEDE I and II and SCHISM star Ashlynn Yennie in an exclusive, heavily stylized and super-sexy photo spread, courtesy of our favorite still-image sculptor, Ama Lea.

Lea’s amazing work has graced the covers of FANGORIA #317 and #328, and her other projects are well-known, loved and occasionally imitated (but never duplicated, natch). Says Lady Ama of her recent desert-set shoot for our gloriously stained pages: “Recently, Chris Alexander decided it would be a good idea to let me take over the sexy photos featured in GOREZONE. I thought, ‘So, I get to take naked pictures of the hottest people in horror? Sold!

“There are so many things I hope to bring to these features,” she continues. “Obviously, sex and violence for starters—because let’s face it, Freud knew what was up—but also, it is important to me to showcase the personalities and strengths of the people I shoot by giving them interesting characters to portray. The goal is not to objectify, but to celebrate.

“To kick off my reign of terror, I chose none other than my favorite member of ‘the ’pede,’ Ashlynn Yennie, who is not only an incredibly talented actress in our beloved genre, but could easily be a supermodel. With a face like that and a whole lot of wit and sass, she reminds me of one of the Eurohotties from Jess Franco flicks. In her unique presence, I found the inspiration to get a little rough-and-tumble exploitation on yer asses. With my girl-powered crew of Gabby Grave and Christina Villa, we set out for the desert to capture gritty images reminiscent of another era, with guns, boots, lace, blood and a Lincoln Continental. I hope you enjoy the work!”

Not only will we feature the photo gallery with an extensive Yennie interview in GOREZONE #30 (not sold on newsstands, but available by subscribing here), we’ll present additional stills from the shoot in FANGORIA #332, on sale in March. In the meantime, enjoy this taste of Lea’s wicked work.



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