Slasher saga “CHEERLEADER CAMP 2 THE DEATH” now on DVD, VHS; exclusive grisly pics


A salute to slaughter flicks past has just come out on video, and we’ve got the details plus a batch of exclusive photos of some of the unfortunate victims.

CHEERLEADER CAMP 2 THE DEATH is now available on DVD and VOD at Amazon.com, and on VHS via Retrosploitation.com. The movie (which has no direct connection to the 1988 CHEERLEADER CAMP starring Betsy Russell and Leif Garrett) was directed by Dustin Ferguson from a script by Christian Sellers and John Klyza, the latter of whom tells Fango, “This movie is a love letter to the darkly humorous SLEEPAWAY CAMP II and III, for which I worked on the DVD boxset seemingly eons ago.” The synopsis: “Welcome to Horizon Fields Cheerleader Camp. After her squad is burned to death in a gruesome sprinkler accident, Tanya Starkman [Julia Farrell] reluctantly attends camp. Joining her are a pack of drop-dead gorgeous mean girls from competing high schools who chafe under the strict rules set by Coach Paddington [Jennifer Banko from LEATHERFACE: TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE III]. With a lustful caretaker [FRIDAY THE 13TH’s Ari Lehman] lurking nearby, the team struggle to get along—but soon their life depends on it! When someone in a panda costume begins killing one girl every hour and leaving cryptic letters, it’s up to Tanya to piece together the clues before time runs out.”

Special features are:
• Lost slasher THE LAST PROM (1980)
• Four minutes of silent outtakes
• Original teaser trailer






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