Short: Sketch Group Paints NYC SantaCon as the Apocalypse


Let me tell you about SantaCon. Actually, considering this special hell of fake beards and sexy elves has spread to cities around the globe since its first havoc-wreaking event in San Francisco in 1994, you may well know about hordes of drunken coeds and adults who still wish they were in college, roaming city streets wasted and adorned in festive attire.

In New York City, it’s especially horrifying and this past weekend’s was no exception. Midst an aggressive snowstorm, the gargantuan mass of Santas and Elves and Reindeer and Freshmen rained even harder, forcing lines outside of the East Village’s lamest of drinking establishments. Thus, sketch group Local Empire saw fit to cinematically refashion the Santas into something of a zombie apocalypse. Clever, since there were actual news reports with residents discussing their normal disdain of the annual event, but who’ve now hit bottom by taking part with a “if you can’t beat ’em, join them” attitude.

It’s light and silly, and manages to paint a picture of the annual SantaCon and current New York, overrun with Santas and bros and hipsters out for Brunch (I’m probably in that last group, not judging), all while running through zombie film/comedy tropes. Plus, there’s decapitation. For more on Local Empire, visit their official site.

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