Short horror “CHILD EATER” grows up to a feature


Hide your kids’ eyes! One of the creepier short films to stalk the festival circuit in the last couple of years is being expanded into a full-length movie.

Producer Perri Nemiroff reported on Screen Rant that she and writer/director Erlingur Thoroddsen begin shooting the CHILD EATER feature April 7 on upstate New York locations. The original (which we previously reported on here, and can be viewed below) introduced a new villain named Robert Bowery, a petting-zoo owner who once dealt with his own impending blindness by attacking children and devouring their eyes; years later, his specter terrorizes a little boy and his babysitter. In the feature, Melinda Chilton plays Ginger, a recluse who takes her obsession with killing Bowery and protecting his potential victims too far. Returning from the short are star Cait Bliss, director of photography John Wayakama Carey, production designer Ramsey Scott and makeup FX creator Fiona Tyson.

“Having grown up in the ’80s,” Nemiroff writes, “we’re undeniably influenced by classic slashers like Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers, and also the tone of their respective films, particularly their ability to deliver powerful scares, but exhilarating and enjoyable ones, too. We are shooting the zoo portion of the film in a real, rundown game farm and the property is just brimming with eerily curious buildings that are all loaded with highly unique kill opportunities, giving us the chance to subvert genre tropes, and truly show you things you’ve never seen before.”

The filmmakers have set up a Kickstarter campaign to secure their final funds for CHILD EATER, so head over to that page and show ’em some support!

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