“SEASONING HOUSE” director goes to the dogs with “THE POOL”


After much impressive makeup FX work on the British horror scene (THE DESCENT, ATTACK THE BLOCK, THE WOMAN IN BLACK), Paul Hyett turned director with last year’s THE SEASONING HOUSE (pictured above), and he’s getting behind the camera again with THE POOL.

Screen Daily reports that THE POOL, written by THE EXPELLED and STORAGE 24 filmmaker Johannes Roberts and Ernest Riera (with revisions by Hyett, Conal Palmer and Steven Lally), will shoot this fall in Puerto Rico. The movie is set at a luxury clifftop location where a pool party turns deadly after the family dog becomes rabid. “What elevates a horror into a classic is making the audience terrified of the everyday—in this case, man’s best friend,” Hyett tells the trade; he’ll handle FX on the film as well, and is also attached to a monster-on-a-train feature called HOWL. Tim Dennison of Tall Man Films, whose credits include EVIL ALIENS and MUTANT CHRONICLES, is the producer.

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