Scream Factory Announces Classic Amicus Anthologies & “THE DOCTOR AND THE DEVILS”


Scream Factory, the young yet vibrant and quickly beloved home video label bringing renowned favorites and cult treasures to DVD & Blu-ray have celebrated their two year anniversary with the thrilling announcement they plan to release two Amicus portmanteau classics, as well as Burke & Hare-centric THE DOCTOR AND THE DEVILS.

Though no confirmed date as of yet, the trio of films from two of UK’s finest genre directors will hit this fall, and hopefully just in time for spooky season. In addition to the Freddie Francis-helmed THE DOCTOR AND THE DEVILS, 1972’s TALES FROM THE CRYPT (Francis) and 1973’s THE VAULT OF HORROR (dir. by Roy Ward Baker) will see release from the label. Neither were the first in British house of horror Amicus’ long line of anthology favorites, but they’re landmark in being the first to bring the EC Comics titles to life on screen. Both films featured stories directly from the pages of EC Comics such as their namesakes, as well as THE HAUNT OF FEAR and SHOCK SUSPENSTORIES.

1985’s THE DOCTOR AND THE DEVILS similarly shares a cinematic legacy, that of dramatizing the tale of notorious grave robbers Burke & Hare,  also immortalized on screen in THE FLESH AND THE FIENDS, two films titled simply BURKE & HARE and more.

Find the art for both packages above (TALES and VAULT will arrive on a double feature edition). Expect further details, like confirmed dates and extras soon.

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