Scream Factory Doubles Down on “SLEEPAWAY CAMP” Sequels


As a horror fan, I often feel like there’s a rather harsh divide between the fans of SLEEPAWAY CAMP and its sequels. After the release of RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP, the only sequel canonical to the original film, it seems that fans of the campy Pamela Springsteen-starring SLEEPAWAY CAMP II: UNHAPPY CAMPERS and SLEEPAWAY CAMP III: UNHAPPY CAMPERS have been at odds with the much darker and nastier Robert Hiltzik-directed entries. Nevertheless, to the horror community worldwide, the Blu-ray release of SLEEPAWAY CAMP by Scream Factory left fans wondering if the company would follow suit with the sequels, and now they’ve got their answer as Scream Factory announced on their Facebook page they’re releasing both films on Blu-ray in 2015!

While no details are available in terms of art, features, transfer, etc., what has been announced is that both films will receive individual Collector’s Edition releases rather than the “Double Feature” treatment. The Michael A. Simpson film is the latest in some of the impressive titles to come out of Scream Factory’s 2015 slate, which includes the likes of VAMPIRE’S KISS, GHOULIES & GHOULIES II, BLACULA, ROBOT JOX, SCARECROWS, and INVADERS FROM MARS as well as Collector’s Edition releases of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, DOG SOLDIERS and MAD MAX. Keep an eye out for more updates on these titles, as well as SLEEPAWAY CAMP II & III, here at FANGORIA.com.

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