Ruggero Deodato, Luigi Cozzi and more at UK’s Spaghetti Cinema celebration!


Every year, genre films from Italy are the focus of a weekend international conference in Luton, England called Spaghetti Cinema, and this year, the subject is the unique and grisly world of Italian horror. Some very cool guests are attending, so read on for the details.

Spaghetti Cinema takes place this year Friday-Saturday, May 9-10 at the Postgraduate Centre at the Luton Campus of the University of Bedfordshire. The event consists of numerous seminars and screenings, with the highlight being an industry panel on the 10th starting at 2:15, chaired by Calum Waddell (creator of numerous disc documentaries and other supplements on Italian fright) and featuring screenings of Lucio Fulci’s THE BEYOND and Ruggero Deodato’s THE LAST CANNIBAL WORLD, with appearances by BEYOND star Catriona MacColl, Deodato and his CANNIBAL star Me Me Lai and STARCRASH/CONTAMINATION director Luigi Cozzi. Other panels include “Before INFERNO: Early Argento, Late Bava and the Pre-Cult History of Italian Horror Cinema,” “The Politics of Perverse Desire in Italian Neo-Gothic Cinema” and more; for the full details, check out Spaghetti Cinema’s webpage.

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