Robin Hardy and StudioCanal appeal for lost “WICKER MAN” materials


Forty years on and THE WICKER MAN, Robin Hardy’s frightening pagan journey to Summerisle, is a bonafide classic. But is it complete? 

Looking to restore the film from its 88 min theatrical cut to Hardy’s intended 102 min vision, the filmmaker and StudioCanal (who’s looking to release that restored version) have appealed to the world at large (including programmers, historians and collectors) for help finding lost original materials. The negatives have long disappeared and thought to have been used as landfill, and while it’s reported Roger Corman had a complete print at the time of U.S. release, it’s been missing since the 1980s.

Hardy says,  “I never thought that, after 40 years, they would still be finding lost fragments of my film. We thought all of THE WICKER MAN had gone up in flames, but fragments keep turning up and the hunt goes on.” THE WICKER MAN, of course, stars Edward Woodard as Sergeant Howie, an officer brought to a mysterious Scottish island village presided over by Christopher Lee’s Lord Summerisle, in search of a missing girl.

StudioCanal have set up shop at an official Facebook for anyone with word or information.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Clifford-James-Green/593262573 Clifford James Green

    Great news, I’m a huge fan of The Wicker Man but I’m not entirely sure this search will be fruitful. Will Fangoria be helping in the search? Checking the attic a la Sinister?

    This is brilliant news and after the last restoration Studiocanal did on the Theatrical print… big thumbs up from me. Fingers crossed and all that.

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