Rob Zombie Teases New Film, “31″


Post-LORDS OF SALEM, singer-turned-fine horror filmmaker Rob Zombie talked up a developing departure, a hockey drama about the 70s-era Philadelphia Flyers. Earlier this year however, the director began to indicate another horror project overtook that film, and now his official site has debut the first official tease as to what that might be. 

A video appeared at the official Rob Zombie website today that chronicles his journey as a filmmaker over the past eleven years. Each film, from HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES to THE LORDS OF SALEM is recalled, before concluding with a single image—that of a none-too-inviting clown’s head—and a title, 31. It’s hard not to find similarities in the clown make-up to that of Zombie’s most iconic creation, Captain Spaulding, but there’s little to confirm what exactly this will be.

Watch below, and speculate away…

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  • Ernie Prado

    I wonder if this is going to be a Captain Spaulding /Firefly family prequel ?

  • Vincent Vega

    wayne gacy

    • Dana Porter

      but he had 33 victims

  • popejt

    Is it based on ‘Children’s Hospital’?

  • MrFlouch

    Nice 1:30 recap of his old films and 30 seconds of a laughing clown. Tease…please.

  • Steven Yarbrough

    Does anyone else not see that’s a capital i and not a 1? So, it’s 3I… not 31..

    • Brandon Jett

      …on Rob Zombie’s Twitter he calls it “31″, NOT 3-I…I think he would know =p.


      It’s probably the Roman numeral for 1.

    • A Dawg

      I was gonna say that, so uhhh…

    • beez

      Roman numeral.

    • Димас

      Well, Rob writes on twitter that the film’s called 31

    • whyalienswonttalktous

      I is a roman numeral 1…..

    • RiversOblivion

      The odd part is, on his official facebook page, it says 31.

    • Inuran

      Apparently, not anybody writing the articles. It’s pretty plainly not a 1.

    • SJS Phan

      WOW, you can’t figure out that it’s 31 because it looks like an I? Who would name a movie 30-I? Amazing how some people “think”.

    • R.W.K.T.

      MayBe It’s 3 i’s ? S(i)X S(i)X S(i)X…???

    • chris fitzgerald

      it’s “31″ dumbass

    • SofaKing

      It’s 31 as in Oct. 31

  • ADAM B


    • Laura

      No it doesn’t

  • Natasha Fann

    After his last film he should go in hiding for a while. That movie was god awful. This coming from a huge Rob Zombie fan music & film.

  • Nick Cato

    So first he tried to be Tobe Hooper. Then David Lynch. Then Jodorowsky. Maybe this time he’ll be Rob Zombie.

  • zombie84_41

    That’ll be dope if we get a follow up to the devil’s rejects.

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  • Adam Corbeil

    It could be interpreted as a capital I but think of the Roman Numeral for “1″ as well
    I’m betting a John Wayne Gacy flick, a Captain Spaulding story or possibly Halloween 3

  • Silver

    Well Halloween is on October 31st, and Michael Meyers original killer mask was a clown mask..Re-invented ready for Halloween 2014?

  • I’ve Lost My Smile

    I would love for him to go back into the world of Captain Spaulding I’m fine if it’s a prequel showing that the good ole Capt was doing prior to House – or post Devil’s and this new clown being a son out for revenge against “The Man” for slaughtering his family.

  • Precious Roy

    Spoiler alert: the characters will all be white trash.

  • I Was in the Pool!

    Open Road Films Wikipedia page states Rob as being the Director for an upcoming remake of the film ‘The Children’ (1980). I’m betting this is it.. I can’t find any other info on it aside from the Open Road page, though.

  • falldown(0_0)

    I wonder what it is???

  • ME

    Here’s what I think. (: It’s about John Wayne Gacy The I in the 3I is for Illinois since that’s where the murders occured & it’s where he is from, ect. ect…. I’m assuming the 31 is the number of murders… However there were 33 or 34 known murders.. So if it is… he’s off a little bit…. AND I think that Gacy was inspiration for Rob Zombie to create Captain Spaulding!!! Thus his make-up. Gacy was known as the killer clown & wore similar make-up (((: I am SO in love with House of 1000 Corpses & The Devils Rejects… But his movies seem to be getting worse & worse… There hasn’t been anything close to even touching House of 1000 Corpses & I’m hoping this will be freaking awesome! We’ll see though. I have hope. (:

  • reg

    I’ve used that font before. It doesn’t have a 1. You have to use I.

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