“RINGS” To Usher In New Halloween Release Staple?


As those keeping their eyes on the trades well know, CinemaCon in Las Vegas is currently shaking up the industry with breaking news at a breakneck pace. While most of the horror news at CinemaCon has been somewhat old hat with the most excitement surrounding footage shown from THE CONJURING 2, one interesting update comes in the form of the long-gestating reboot RINGS, the first U.S. production in the J-Horror franchise over a decade from filmmaker F. Javier Gutierrez, which hints that Paramount may be doubling down on the film’s future.

Though a teaser trailer for RINGS was shown at CinemaCon depicting Samara going after a man trapped on an airplane, Coming Soon reports that Paramount Vice President Rob Moore announced that RINGS jump from April to October was no doubt of confidence, but rather an intentional programming move. That’s right: should RINGS prove to be a horror hit this Halloween season, Paramount hopes to fill the void left by the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise to produce on RING film per year just in time for the frightful holiday.

On one hand, that’s an ambitious claim: while previous holiday staples SAW and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY were fairly cheap and fly-by-night in terms of production, allowing them to be annual event theatrical programming, RINGS seems to be a much bigger endeavor and therefore would be a much riskier proposition. On the other hand, anything is possible when it comes to the world of horror, and with SADAKO VS. KAYAKO in the international zeitgeist, RINGS has a better chance than ever of creeping back into the public consciousness. In any case, stay tuned for the release of the RINGS trailer in the imminent future, and we’ll be sure to see if Paramount’s genre gamble pays off when RINGS hits theaters on October 28th.

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