“PROMETHEUS 2” planned for March 2016; Ridley Scott directing this fall


Shaw and David on the (space) road. Where do they go? We’ll find out in March 2016 when the Ridley Scott-directed sequel to his sort-of ALIEN prequel, PROMETHEUS will hit theaters.

Being rewritten by Michael Green (GREEN LANTERN), who’s also working with Scott on the developing new incarnation of BLADE RUNNER, The Wrap is reporting the PROMETHEUS follow-up is planned to be more terrifying tone (they used the scientific term, “alien-y”). Their sources have also revealed multiple David androids will feature in, giving the audience more Fassbender for their Fassbuck.

No further plot was available, but the first film’s finale found Shaw and David’s decapitated Android head set a course for the Engineer home planet. In PROMETHEUS, Noomi Rapace’s Dr. Shaw leads an expedition to find our celestial ancestors and ancient engineers of humankind. Shaw and the crew of Prometheus, including Michael Fassbender’s awesome android, eventually find a base of the Engineers where they harvested a biological weapon, one who merges with what it attacks and eventually leads to the Xenomorph, as we know it.

Expect PROMETHEUS 2 in March 2016.

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