Return of the Dragon: Caroline Dhavernas talks “HANNIBAL” Season Three!


With Bryan Fuller taking his shot at editing FANGORIA #343, the wait for HANNIBAL to return has become an even more difficult endeavor for fright fans. However, Fuller was able to sneak FANGORIA onto the set of HANNIBAL last month, and we were able to catch up with the brilliant cast of the surreal series. Our fifth chat was with Dr. Alana Bloom herself, Caroline Dhavernas, who delves into her Faustian path in HANNIBAL’s third season…

FANGORIA: Can you talk about how Alana Bloom is a changed woman after surviving her encounter with Hannibal?

DHAVERNAS: Well, the last time we saw her she had fallen out the window and no one knew if she was gonna make it. I didn’t know either. So yeah, she is a changed woman; she’s been broken physically and mentally from being so close to Hannibal and then realizing who he was. I think there’s a hard lesson that she’s learned and it’s that, what feels morally right to her never really seems to work out that way.

She has to toughen up and play games because that’s her environment. She’s dealing with crazy people, and she has to play games with them in order to protect hers but protect the people that she loves. There’s even something chemically different in her.

FANGORIA: At the end of season two, have you ever asked yourself how the writers are going to manage after that finale?

DHAVERNAS: Yeah, they created the biggest challenge, but I think it was very smart, because usually when I watch a series, season three and four happen and you either let it go to watch something else or you carry on. It’s that very dangerous point where you get used to the characters and it can get a little boring. But Bryan Fuller very cleverly found a way to escape that and make it a new show with season three. We’re all starting on a different level and all have different lives. We’ve all been completely changed by what happened. Also it’s set in the beginning in Europe, so there’s a different setting and different sensibility. That was very smart of him.

FANGORIA: Can you talk a little bit about season three? It seems like you get involved with Mason and make a deal with him…

DHAVERNAS: Yes. With the devil.

FANGORIA: Can you talk a little bit about that relationship and how Alana distinguishes in between the type of psycho that Mason is versus the type of psycho that Hannibal is?

DHAVERNAS: I think it’s something chemical perhaps that she didn’t have before. This is where she is now. She has nothing to lose.

FANGORIA: What about with Margot? Does she have a relationship with Margot as well?

DHAVERNAS: Absolutely. Yeah. I don’t know how much I can get into it but Bryan was inspired by LES DIABOLIQUE. The two of them are very smart women, so as you can imagine they will have ideas together.

She’s Mason’s sister, and I’m around Mason all the time. She wants the baby, right? She’s wanted it for such a long time because if she doesn’t have a baby, she loses everything. Also it’s a calculated. She’s after Mason in her own way, and since we all love to manipulate and create bonds and alliances, there will be some of that happening.

Hannibal - Season 3

FANGORIA: How do you see Alana’s dynamic shifting now that Hannibal is not around to seduce and manipulate her, especially considering she’s not an atypical seductress herself?

DHAVERNAS: Well, I think there will be a little bit of that with Mason, but I think it’s great because, for my character anyway, she’s been around men, so she doesn’t use that card. Finally, you know, do women need to use it all the time? I don’t think so. It was refreshing not to go in that direction.

FANGORIA: Can you talk a little bit about your preparation to play the character? Any references, any books you read, movies, etc.?

DHAVERNAS: There was [preparation] at the very beginning, only to get the world of the FBI and the behavioral part of it, which I didn’t really know of. I read some books; it was all very depressing. I had to stop because the subject matter was already very intense here, and then I was living alone reading about serial killers.

I had to put that aside and just concentrate on the lines, and the scenes. At some point, you get into that at first, to just have a feeling of what you’re doing, what you’re embarking on. Now that I have a better feel of it, there’s just no real preparation.

FANGORIA: Near the end of the second season, Bloom saw where Graham was going. Where does Bloom see Graham now that she knows everything that went on and the horrors that happened?

DHAVERNAS: I think, from afar, she will always want to look out for him, but she knows now not to get personally involved in cases or open up too much. I think she’s built an armor, but there  is love left between them. I think so much has happened that love can only suffer so much.

I think they like each other but they’ve clearly had to move on because they were so broken, considering everything that happened to them. I think that’s where they are.

HANNIBAL returns on Thursday, June 4th at 10 p.m. EST on NBC. HANNIBAL creator/writer Bryan Fuller will be serving as FANGORIA’s first Special Guest Editor for Issue #343; you can subscribe to FANGORIA here. Keep an eye out for more HANNIBAL coverage here at FANGORIA.com!

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