Relief Fund Set for FX Great John Vulich

The makeup FX field lost one of its brightest lights last month when John Vulich, 55, died unexpectedly of a massive heart attack. Compounding the tragedy, his death has left his long-time girlfriend and her two young children in a very bad financial place. So a special Fundrazr campaign has been launched to provide for his loved ones.

If you enjoyed Vulich’s amazing work on such films as NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1990), TWO EVIL EYES, CASTLE FREAK, THE DARK HALF and RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 4-5, as well as for the TV series BABYLON 5 (for which he won multiple Emmys), BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and THE X-FILES, please go here and consider donating. Thank you.
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Tony Timpone

FANGORIA Editor Emeritus Tony Timpone helps manage the company’s VOD, DVD and digital divisions. For nearly 10 years he served as a Vice President of Acquisitions for FANGORIA’s three separate home video labels, and co-created FANGORIA’S BLOOD DRIVE short film DVD collection, hosted by Rob Zombie. For TV, Timpone was a Co-Producer of cable’s FUSE/FANGORIA CHAINSAW AWARDS and a Consulting Producer to the HORROR HALL OF FAME special. Since 1998, Montreal’s Fantasia film festival has engaged Tony as Co-Director of International Programming.

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