“[REC]’s” Paco Plaza to helm Vampire Film “DAMNED FRIDAY”


Co-creator of the [REC] series and sole director of its ultra-fun, unfairly maligned third entry [REC] 3: GENESIS, Paco Plaza is set to expand his :50 second fake trailer DAMNED FRIDAY into a full length Vampire feature. 

Variety reports Plaza is teaming with producer Adrian Guerra (GRAND PIANO) and re-teaming with [REC] 3 star Leticia Dolera on the film about a young woman struggling with her transition into a creature of night. Plaza says, “Some years ago I shot a fake trailer for a movie that didn’t exist at that point; it was called ‘Damned Friday’ and was presented at Sitges Film Festival, the Mecca for genre lovers as myself. Right after that moment, people began to ask me when I was going to shoot it; so now it’s time to answer that and to bring to life ‘Damned Friday’, the story of a young woman who begins to develop symptoms of becoming a vampire. There is only one problem: As everyone knows, vampires don’t exist, do they?”

Producer Guerra adds, “FRIDAY is a ‘Black Swan’-style drama applied to the vampire genre with a really strong central female character taking the audience on a gritty, emotional roller coaster.”

You can see the original fake trailer for DAMNED FRIDAY below.

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