[RECAP] FANGORIA’s NYC Screening of Scott Schirmer’s “FOUND”


Last night, New York horror fans were treated to an exclusive free screening of Scott Schirmer’s shocking and intimate horror film, FOUND, courtesy of FANGORIA and distributor XLrator Media. As fate would have it, Schirmer as well as SFX artist  Arthur Cullipher and co-screenwriter/novelist Todd Rigney were there to introduce the film alongside FANGORIA’s Tony Timpone to the many who came to discover what FOUND was all about.

As evident in Michael Gingold’s recent review, the film dropped jaws and brought the house down with its blend of visual poetry and provocative horror. The audience was 100% on board, gasping and cheering in equal measure. Even with some longtime horror fans in the crowd, it was apparent that FOUND had earned its place in the lexicon of taboo independent horror.

Following the end credits, Timpone and the filmmakers returned to the stage for a Q&A and a chance to address some of the controversial elements of the film. While Schirmer and Rigney started off discussing FOUND’s origins, the first highlight was the confirmation that the film-within-a-film, HEADLESS, would be Schirmer’s next feature. He promised that this one would have more of a storyline than the torture-centric faux movie in FOUND. One can also only hope that the other highlighted fictional film, DEEP DWELLERS, is on their slate as well.


Following a few more questions regarding the location, the trouble with casting such a provocative project and how the film came together, Timpone turned the questions over to the audience. Aside from addressing the motivations of FOUND’s killer, Schirmer also revealed that the comic characters featured throughout the film were of Rigney’s design and inspiration.

Furthermore, Schirmer and Cullipher shared several SFX anecdotes, including losing power while filming the horrific climax as well as the complexities of pulling off realistic eyeball consumption. Schirmer also ended the Q&A in addressing the uneasy racial tension within FOUND, explaining that the fictional racism was a justification for some of the horror, yet not the true inspiration for the characters.

For those who want to experience FOUND for themselves, the film is available on VOD, iTunes and limited theaters now from XLrator Media.  XLrator will also release FOUND on DVD on September 23rd. And keep out your eyes and ears for more free screenings from FANGORIA!

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