“RAW MEAT” (a/k/a “DEATH LINE”) Hitting Blu-ray via Blue Underground!


For fans of British cult classics, one title that’s been eagerly awaiting an HD upgrade is Gary Sherman’s RAW MEAT, a tale of cannibalism and depravity beneath London. Also known as DEATH LINE, this fright film was last released to home video format in 2003, and the current most readily available version is in a not-greatly-preserved standard definition cut. However, that’s all about to change in early 2017, as FANGORIA has learned that Blue Underground will be bringing RAW MEAT to Blu-ray!

For those unfamiliar with the film, here’s the official synopsis for RAW MEAT…

Donald Pleasence stars in this daring horror classic that dishes out heart-stopping jolts and hair-raising thrills. When a prominent politician and a beautiful young woman vanish inside a London subway station, Scotland Yard’s Inspector Calhoun investigates and makes a horrifying discovery. Not only did a group of 19th-century tunnel workers survive a cave-in, but they lived for years in a secret underground enclave by consuming the flesh of their own dead. Now the lone descendant of this grisly tribe has surfaced, prowling the streets of London for fresh victims…and a new mate.


Co-starring the late, great Christopher Lee, RAW MEAT does not have a firm release date or special features announcement yet, but considering Blue Underground’s penchant for doing right by their releases, one can only imagine this disc will be worth the wait. In the meantime, stay tuned for more on this release as it breaks, and remember to also keep an eye on Blue Underground’s upcoming release of Lucio Fulci’s MANHATTAN BABY; details HERE.

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