Raven Banner To Release Animated Last Chapter of “TODD & THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL” to Canada

Before the contemporary explosion of horror on television, there were a select few horror comedy series that fell prey to early cancellation. These series would later find cult fandom on streaming platforms, home media and cable syndication, and few had such a stirring fanbase as Canada’s TODD AND THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL. And it’s said stirring fanbase that also helped revive the show for an animated, feature-length series finale, entitled TOOD AND THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL: THE END OF THE END, on Indiegogo, doubling the intended $75,000 goal.
Now, according to Twitch, TATBOPE fans will indeed get the chance to experience THE END OF THE END on the big screen, as distributor Raven Banner is stepping up to roll out the film in Canada. In addition to executive producing the film, which will bring back the series’ cast as well as showrunner Craig David Wallace as director, Raven Banner announced that the film will be hitting Canadian theaters in Fall 2015.

With a strong partnership including Frantic Films, Aircraft Pictures, Corvid Pictures and animation house Smiley Guy Studios, THE END OF THE END looks to deliver an unfiltered and bloody climax to the fan-favorite series. As production is far from being complete on the film, it may be a long while before there is any news on THE END OF THE END’s U.S. release.

As a fan of the series myself, any chance for more TODD AND THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL is good news considering how irreverent and proud the show was in its genre elements. However, one must wonder how the animated nature of the film will affect the final product; after all, the charismatic and hilarious character interactions as well as the impressive practical SFX was much of what gave the show its charm. Considering how many of the original pieces are coming together for the animated film, there’s always hope that THE END OF THE END will rock just as hard in two dimensions as TATBOPE rocked in three.

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