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Thanks to the success of the Marvel and DC movie-verse, the past decade has exploded with comic fandom while bringing new comics, new creators, and new readers together in an orgy of graphic delight. The train has also opened the doors for new, creator-owned comic companies, allowing for unknown voices to make their mark, companies like OSSM Comics. Started in 2012, Omar Spahi, the one-man-crew, recruited artists online to release his first work, XENOGLYPHS. After a runaway success, he slowly added more works to the company’s repertoire, resulting in solid burst of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero titles. Though still in its infancy, Spahi has high hopes for his company and tells FANGORIA all about it.

FANGORIA: Tell us a bit about OSSM comics. Why did you decide to start your own comic company?

OMAR SPAHI: As soon as I found out it was possible to start making comics, I knew it’s what I wanted to do. Marvel and DC are very difficult to get into when you’re first starting comics, the formula starts with you making comics for yourself. So that’s what I did, I made comics. I love the process, from the scripting, editing, artwork. It was so much fun. I approached a few companies to partner, but got no reply. Unwilling to give up, I decided to put out the comics myself, and now we’ve grown to over 20 titles in 4 years.

FANG: OSSM has been around for almost four years now, starting with your own self-published work XENOGLYPHS to now collaborating with Image Comics. What has been the most interesting change over the years?

SPAHI: It’s all been a crazy ride with a lot of ups and downs, I never thought I would be able to get to this point, but we’ve been able to continue to grow and develop

FANG: OSSM carries a variety of horror and sci-fi titles. Can you tell us about some of them?

SPAHI: Sure, HADRIAN’s WALL is an epic space murder mystery noir, where Simon is trying to figure out who’s murdering people on a space station. Kyle Higgins, Alec Seigel and Rod Reis are seriously telling such an exciting and gripping story. You’ll love every second of it. It’s out in September at your local comic store.

SONS OF THE DEVIL by Brian Buccellato and Toni Infante, tells the story of Travis, an orphan who wants to know more than anything about his family. Well, except for one tiny problem, his dad is a crazy cult leader and wants to kill all of his missing children to become the devil.

FANG: Will we being seeing any horror or sci-fi imports, perhaps translated works, or will it all be done in-house?

SPAHI: We have some fun stuff in the works and people are going to love it. We are also in talks with getting some OSSM Comics titles translated into other languages for our fans around the world. Personally, I’d love to transliterate a book like my friend Steven T. Seagle has done with THE RED DIARY, where he translates a book with having any idea of what the language is saying to make up a new story. I think as long as we focus on creating amazing content, we don’t care what genre it falls into whether it’s horror, sci-fi, kids or action adventure. 


FANG: While we’ve been seeing a lot of young talent rise to the ranks of creator thanks to OSSM, will we be seeing any bigger names added to the creative roster?

SPAHI: I’ve been working with a friend of mine right now on some really cool projects that I can’t talk about yet, but the goal is always to grow and work with talented like minded individuals. 

FANG: Do you worry that the current comic boom might create an artificial bubble of comic interest, such as in the late ’90s, and it could affect the lasting power of your company? 

SPAHI: Not at all, I feel like the comic market is rebounding now and the amount of fans are growing and the goal is to make an impact and tell entertaining stories. That’s what’s been helping our company grow, telling great stories and releasing quality comics.

FANG: Do you have plans for universe building works, such as Marvel or DC’s interconnected superhero worlds, or will we mostly see stand alone works?  

SPAHI: The plan has always been to tell great stories, so if there’s a story we line up that works with characters from multiple comics you’ll definitely see a crossover. *Hint* *Hint*

FANG: Anything good we can look forward to?

SPAHI: We have quite a bit coming out soon, but the bad news is we can’t talk about it yet. The goal now is to have multiple issues completed before we announce any series, but I promise we have some things in the works that are gonna blow you away.

For more information on OSSM Comics, you can check out OSSM Comics’ website HERE.

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