Q&A: Mark Miller, Doug Bradley and more talk “THE SCARLET GOSPELS: THE SPECIAL EDITION”


As fright folks start flocking to the bookstores to pick up Clive Barker’s recently released “Pinhead” novel THE SCARLET GOSPELS, Earthling Publications is gearing up for an even richer GOSPEL experience; coming late summer, the imprint will be releasing a deluxe edition of THE SCARLET GOSPELS that comes packed with so much bonus material that hell itself shan’t be able to contain it. Said material includes scintillating artwork by Malleus Rock Art Lab (aka MALLEUS) and Les Edwards (who goes by the pseudonym Edward Miller), a forward by Doug Bradley, an afterword by Clive’s Executive at Seraphim, Mark Miller and more. FANGO recently caught up with the SCARLET GOSPELS team to shine a light on the darkest Special Edition of 2015…

FANGORIA: Why a Special Edition so close to the regular release date?

PAUL MILLER: Why wait any longer? If I was able to manage getting all the bonus pieces and art in place sooner, I would have released the book in late May.

FANGORIA: Malleus, was this the first time you have worked in a Clive Barker’s universe and were you giving any direction?

MALLEUS: It wasn’t the first time, having already created two posters for JACQUELINE ESS and NIGHTBREED. We had input from a few people, including some ideas directly from Clive, then combined them all with our own vision. We wanted to keep Pinhead and Harry as main characters but avoid creating something similar to already existing images. So we created a sort of nightmarish landscape where Harry loses himself in a Pinhead-skin inspired world. We kept a rough style to make the image even more dramatic, as if it’s a quick sketch of someone’s nightmare.

FANGORIA: Were you honored to be part of this project, Edward?

EDWARD MILLER: It was a real pleasure to be working with Clive again. I have always admired his work from the BOOKS OF BLOOD onwards and HELLRAISER remains a masterpiece. He is truly an original voice, but he is quite happy to allow an artist to run with his ideas. I was commissioned by Earthling to paint four color interior images and a black and white pen and ink drawing for the signature page for their edition of THE SCARLET GOSPELS. I enjoyed every moment.

FANGORIA: Doug, is there any prospect of Pinhead and you returning to screen in a GOSPELS adaptation?

DOUG BRADLEY: There’s a lot of anticipatory hypotheticals in that question! Let’s get the novel out and take it from there, shall we? I have no idea if there are plans in that direction, and it’s not really a question I can answer. It’s fairly common knowledge now that I turned down HELLRAISER: REVELATIONS for a variety of reasons, but not wanting to play the character again was not among them. So if… and if… and if… and if… then maybe. How’s that for a rousing affirmative?

FANGORIA: Is THE SCARLET GOSPELS a return to Clive’s roots, and was it intended as a treat for the fans and the faithful?

MARK MILLER: The intention of the book, from day one, was to scare people. Plain and simple. Clive asked me to come aboard and edit the manuscript in 2010. When I read it all the way through for the first time, Clive and I had a meeting and he asked me only one question: “Is it scary?” My answer then was the same as it is now: Very.

FANGORIA:We need to know… will we see any new adventures with Harry D’Amour?

MARK MILLER: Undoubtedly. He’s too much fun to spend time with.

FANGORIA: Mark, what’s next for you and Clive?

FANGORIA: Comics. Movies. Television shows. You name it, we’re working on it, even as I answer this very question. Stay tuned! It’s an exciting time!

To pre-order the Special Edition of Clive Barker’s THE SCARLET GOSPELS, you can visit Earthling Publishing’s website here.

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