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Q&A: FANGORIA Musick Artist SciFiSol

Available for download now via our newly minted digital record label FANGORIA Musick, is the hypnotic dream-tronica of aural artist Christina Broussard aka SciFiSol. SciFiSol is Broussard’s ongoing exploration into the strange, beautiful and nightmarish; ambient soundscapes ripe with dread, sensuality and alien majesty. The first time I heard the sound of her lilting, whispered voice bleeding over her minimalist sonics, I fell in love. Hopefully, after you “meet” her in this interview, so will you.

FANGORIA: What is your musical history? When did you first start experimenting with sound?

BROUSSARD: As a child, I studied voice and I still love to sing more than anything else to this day. Being drawn to melody as a way to express myself, I also studied guitar and piano. I began making electronic music specifically about 15 years ago. Playing with analog synthesizers got me very interested in sound design and eventually the computer software that would allow me to create my own compositions from start to finish.

FANG:  SciFiSol is obviously very cinematic. Is film a conscious influence?

BROUSSARD: I am inspired by the exotic and mysterious terrain of the imagination. I feel that music has the power to explore these unknown places and bring them to life. I do tend to think in pictures and I think the cinematic nature of my work must be a reflection of my subconscious. My poetry, which is a big part of my work, oftentimes informs the mood of a song. The genre of science fiction in particular has also been influential to me because it explores the subconscious like no other genre can, and knows no bounds. Within it, everything is possible and it feeds my wildest imagination.

FANG: Talk about your sound. Describe it…

BROUSSARD: Sensual, dark and brooding are the three words that immediately come to mind. It is an alien form of electronica, filled with complex rhythms, heavily effected vocals, and sound effects and synthesizers that are very processed. It’s been described as dark wave dance music, but I would say it is also good for just listening as well because it doesn’t necessarily follow a format or formulaic structure. It’s quite experimental, but always follows a coherent narrative with each piece tells its own unique story.

FANG: What kind of response have you gotten from your music so far?

BROUSSARD: I’ve gotten a good response overall, although my music is not necessarily written with popular taste in mind. Those who appreciate music that keeps revealing itself over time might enjoy my style.

FANG: Do you perform live and if so, what is your set-up like?

BROUSSARD: Yes, I do perform live most often with a laptop using software and midi controllers. I am in the process of developing a live performance that doesn’t rely on the use of a computer though. In the near future, I will only be using a synthesizer and sampler and singing live through a vocal processor. I find that this is the best way to express myself and also to engage with my audience.

FANG: What’s in the future for SciFiSol?

BROUSSARD: I will continue to find new and unique ways to compose and perform, singing, and exploring sound design as a way to translate words into music.

To download SciFiSol’s brilliant EP 303’s&BRIDES album and other great FANGORIA Musick artists, head here.

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