Q&A: Director King Jeff talks “SHALLOW CREEK CULT”


King Jeff’s shoestring creeper SHALLOW CREEK CULT finds two brothers embark on a road trip to spread their grandfather’s ashes in Shallow Creek, Louisiana only to find themselves face to face with a terrifying, cannibalistic cult. Newly available on a special edition DVD, Fango spoke to the independent filmmaker about the production.

FANGORIA: What was the inspiration behind SHALLOW CREEK CULT?

KING JEFF: I’m a found footage fan, and I wanted to produce one with different ingredients, such as a different plot with different types of characters and with a totally original ending.

FANG: Did you develop it as found footage?

JEFF: Yes, I wrote it as a found footage film and though it sometimes sounds improvised, all of the dialogue in the film was scripted.

FANG: What are some of your favorite horror films?

JEFF: As far as found footage films go, I loved the rawness and realistic acting of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. And the first PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, where there were two people basically center stage for most of the film, as is with our film SHALLOW CREEK CULT. The films that have scared me to the core growing up were the original THE BLOB, THE EXORCIST, JAWS and GARGOYLES.

FANG: How long did the project take from start to finish?

JEFF: The script took about two months to write.  I stepped away from it for a few weeks until I came up with an original ending I really liked, then we shot for approximately seven days scattered throughout a month. After that, I edited for four or five days, so it was approximately three months from brain to screen.

FANG: What were some of the biggest challenges you faced?

JEFF: Other than the testimonial characters at the very beginning of the film, we had a cast and crew of only two.  My brother Gorio and I wore all the hats on this project.  We shot footage as we acted, and we also played the menacing cult creatures that terrorized the main characters through the magic of split screens and jump cuts.  That was difficult because there were times where we had to keep the camera still and quickly change from the Carmichael brothers’ wardrobes to the cult creatures’ costumes and back again.

FANG: What are you most proud of with this film?

JEFF: I’m proud of the realistic acting and that many of the reviews of the film mention the great acting and the film’s originality, which is what we were going for. I feel that we have introduced some very original, creepy monsters with this film. I’m proud of the fact that the film is doing well on iTunes and the DVD is doing well on amazon.com. I think it has the makings of a good franchise movie, so I’m currently writing a sequel called SHALLOW CREEK CULT 2: TEAM CULT, which will also be in the found footage genre but will have a larger budget than its predecessor.

SHALLOW CREEK CULT is available on Amazon.

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