Q&A: Chris Morey and Kelly Laymon talk “NIGHT SHOW: SPECIAL DEFINITIVE EDITION”


Purists, fans and the faithful rejoice…Dark Regions Press has incredible plans to feature the critically acclaimed horror scribe Richard Laymon and his much beloved novel NIGHT SHOW. Dark Regions is gearing up to deliver a well-deserved hats-off to a writer who helped forge the literary horror landscape. Richard Laymon’s NIGHT SHOW is now available for pre-order, and to get the juices flowing, publisher Chris Morey and the late Richard Laymon’s daughter, Kelly Laymon take a moment to discuss with FANGORIA what’s to come…

FANGORIA: Why did Dark Regions Press want to pursue a definitive edition of NIGHT SHOW?

CHRIS MOREY: As one of the most respected horror authors that ever lived, most of Richard Laymon’s work has been published in multiple formats, including special editions. However, NIGHT SHOW is a novel that was never published in a special edition format…not even a hardcover edition! This made the opportunity impossible to pass up. Furthermore, it’s among Richard Laymon’s first published novels and cited by many Laymon fans as their introduction to his work. For us, all of it came together to make it an easy decision to pursue NIGHT SHOW as our first special edition of Laymon’s work.

FANGORIA: What can we expect from this new presentation? Are the fans in for a treat?

MOREY: Richard Laymon fans should know: this special edition of NIGHT SHOW is going to be one of the finest special editions Dark Regions Press has ever produced. First, it’s edited by James R. Beach, a longtime Laymon fan, and Kelly Laymon, Richard’s daughter, so we have access to many materials that other publishers might not. We have unpublished story notes by Richard Laymon, a new introduction and afterword by authors Edward Lee and Steve Gerlach, respectively, an original wraparound color dust jacket and five interior illustrations based on the novel by artist Malcolm McClinton, retro cover artworks from old editions of NIGHT SHOW, never before seen images, details of Richard Laymon’s inspiration for NIGHT SHOW and a hell of a lot more.

We wanted to make sure that we did the same thing with this book as we did with Clive Barker’s THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN: SPECIAL DEFINITIVE EDITION by giving fans and collectors everything they could want in a collector’s edition of the novel. The physical quality of the books will be top of the line as well. Oversized at 7″x10,” printed offset with Smyth sewn binding and limited to just 500 signed and numbered copies worldwide. The book will be signed by all contributors and will be front cover/tray-case stamped with a facsimile of Richard Laymon’s signature in gold foil. Man, I’m eager to get my copy!


FANGORIA: Why was there never a hardcover version of the original 1984 NIGHT SHOW?

KELLY LAYMON: Well, he wanted to pursue a mass-market hardcover for the initial release. Those details are explained further in the extras within the book.

MOREY: Indeed, and it makes this special edition that much more special: Laymon fans and collectors can finally have a handsome hardcover copy of NIGHT SHOW on their shelves.

FANGORIA: Were the fans of Richard Laymon’s classic detrimental to this development? And if so, are there any intriguing backstories?

LAYMON: Never. People will always grumble about the cover price, but fans are usually happy about any new projects.

MOREY: In fact, the opinions of several Richard Laymon fans helped us decide on doing NIGHT SHOW first. The book clearly has a special place in the hearts of many old-school Laymon fans.

FANGORIA: April 21st, 2015 was the pre-order date; when will the faithful get the end result?

MOREY: We’re on the brink of entering the production phase and expect the book to be in stock on time for the holidays. As the first of three Richard Laymon novels to be published by Dark Regions Press in the same collector’s edition formats, we’re very excited to get the feedback from collectors when they get Richard Laymon’s NIGHT SHOW: SPECIAL DEFINITIVE EDITION.

The three Richard Laymon titles Dark Regions Press will be publishing are NIGHT SHOW, FUNLAND and MIDNIGHT’S LAIR. All three will be published in definitive edition hardcovers in the same formats each illustrated by Malcolm McClinton so that collectors can build a matching set on their shelves.

FANGORIA readers can receive 15% off retail price on the book by using coupon code FANGORIA15 in the final stage of checkout on the DarkRegions.com website. Richard Laymon fans who pre-order the book are supporting its production, so it really makes a difference. Those interested can find the book available now here, and long live Laymon!

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