Q&A: Actor Henry Zebrowski talks Season 3 of “YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL”


When it comes to horror television, fright fans have seen it all. From small towns with teenage vampire slayers to cabins filled with deadites to cities plagued with zombies, every lurid location one might think of has been the setting of terrifying television… every location, of course, except for Hell itself. Leave it to Adult Swim to break the mold with YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL, the warped horror comedy sitcom that shows the crude and bizarre side of Hell and its many inhabitants. With the third season of YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL right around the corner, FANGORIA caught up with the show’s self-deprecating star, actor/comedian/podcaster Henry Zebrowski, to talk about what surreal surprises are in store…

FANGORIA: So, what’s the process like of making something as warped as YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL?

HENRY ZEBROWSKI: Honestly, Dave [Willis] and Casper [Kelly] go and write a bunch of scripts, and then they surprise us with a bunch of shit. Dave is a very particular guy, and he’s very smart; you could tell that from AQUA TEEN [HUNGER FORCE] because every joke on that show is like four jokes layered on top of one another. Casper, on the other hand, is really good at world-building. The whole idea of the computers talking to each other about dick lasers in Season Two; all of that stuff is Casper. Then, I bring the idiot factor, and that’s where my influence comes in; I get to improv a lot, and they loved it.

 FANG: Season Two really ramped up the scope of YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL; there was many more puppets and much more FX. What should people expect from Season Three?

ZEBROWSKI: Season Three is even bigger. There are a lot of puppets, a lot of goop, a lot of violence, a lot of weird characters, like Hitler. Hitler comes around a lot this time, and Mengele shows up like three times, but Adult Swim won’t let me put Dahmer in an episode. I want to put Dahmer in Hell so bad, but they’re concerned it’ll cross over too much for the LAST PODCAST ON THE LEFT audience, even though that’s our core base: people who love killing.

This season of YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL is just insane, and it’s by far our best season. Everything I’ve seen so far is really great, and we’re getting better at packing in jokes. The entire energy of the show this season is darker and dumber, which I love.

FANG: What can you tell us about the FX moments in Season Three?

ZEBROWSKI: Season Two was all about covering me in shit, where I got covered in lube, dust, blood, peanut butter, chicken feathers, etc. There was a lot of rigging in Season Two, where I was hung from the ceiling a bunch by some cartoonish idiot with a handlebar mustache that worked for the local circus. He was a discount guy out of Atlanta, and he always would rig me up wrong so it’d hurt my balls, almost permanently so. I sit on them a lot more now, so perhaps they were pulled like an ear gauge.

Season Three is all about the big stuff, like Gary gets elephantiasis of the testicles, so I had to walk around with two yoga balls attached to me. The production team actually looked up footage of someone with that exact affliction to see how he would dress himself, where he’d buy a hoodie and put the legs through the arm holes before zipping the hoodie around the testicles. It was pretty sweet, but there’s a lot of good FX moments in this season: I’m dressed as Satan a bunch, I’m pregnant, I’m a beaver for an entire episode where I was in a full blue-screen suit. I actually cut myself real bad because I switch heads with a beaver, and could not see anything through the blue-screen head garb and my character had made a dam out of office supplies.

But luckily, I’m not the only one who got to play around with that stuff; Dana Snyder is now full-time on PRETTY FACE and Season Three is much more of an ensemble show. Dana hated that make-up, and I can’t wait for people to see him in action.


FANG: What was the most impressive practical FX moment for this season of PRETTY FACE?

ZEBROWSKI: That’s a really good question because we had some really good creations on this season. Some of the locations this year were really great; Mengele’s lab is incredible. It might be the Hitler creature with five arms; that was pretty hilarious. There was also a really impressive, full-scale Alien costume, which was difficult for the actor to maneuver around in. In fact, Kevin MacDonald from KIDS IN THE HALL was supposed to do that episode, but showed up, saw the costume he would have to wear, and left! [laughs]

I think my favorite might actually be the demon baby stuff, because in the episode where I’m pregnant, there’s a sequence where Dave was in a blue screen suit, operating the baby. It might not have been the most impressive, but it was definitely the most fun. I remember the scene where my water breaks, they had me up to my nipples in water in this elevator set that they built. So it’s five o’clock in the morning, and Dave is running through the set in this soaking wet blue screen suit with this demon baby on a stick; it was a really fun time.

FANG: In the first season, there were more restrictions about what you could and could not get away with. Considering the show is now featuring Hitler and Mengele in Hell, I assume there’s a lot more content that’s fair game?

ZEBROWSKI: I don’t know, but this season, we get away with a lot. I don’t know what they said no to, but I do know they only say no to things that are very minute. We used to not be able to show pee, but now we can, but we can’t actually show the pee coming out of anything. I think the only thing we got push back on this time around was that Mengele was going to turn Craig [Rowin] into a lamp, like a living, talking lamp. There was a lot of push-back on that, despite the fact that they let us get away with a lot of fucked up shit. But it was one of those things where even I read it was like, “Oooooooh, I don’t know, guys…”

Plus, I’m down for anything. At the end of the day, though, we’re dressed up like demons anyways. What even are the parameters here? We’re in Hell! I remember in Season Two, they allude to the character of Benji being a child molester, and they go back to that big time in Season Three. I don’t know if there’ll be any blowback on that, but we’ll see!

FANG: What was the conversation like in including Mengele and Hitler in Season Three, considering the show really didn’t pull from real life monsters in the past?

ZEBROWSKI: What it comes down to is that the show takes place in Hell, so everyone and anyone is fair game. Hitler was like the Chekhov’s Gun of YOUR PRETTY FACE; you knew he was going to show up. If you have a show that takes place in Hell, you know Hitler is there, so you’re going to have to use him eventually. The storyline he’s involved in this season is just unbelievable. But I’m sure we’re going to use more real life people as season’s go on, but it’s not like they’re using reality; it’s like making a pop culture reference. We don’t have any limitations or restrictions, and we don’t have to use meme-based humor to pull in a specific audience. But history is fair game, and even though Hitler’s been used a lot in comedy, but when you give him five arms and make him a mentally handicapped monster, that takes the audience into an entirely different world.

FANG: So what else is happening outside of YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL?

ZEBROWSKI: Well, I was just on tour with LAST PODCAST ON THE LEFT, which will be doing more live dates in the future. I’m also doing a web series for IFC with my girlfriend, Natalie Jean, who you might know from CROSS BEARER, about internet trolls called TROLLVILLE; you can look out for that in 2017.

YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING TO HELL premieres Season Three on Adult Swim this Sunday, October 23rd, at 11:30 p.m.. You can also hear Henry Zebrowski on LAST PODCAST ON THE LEFT, available for free every week on iTunes, Stitcher, and Cave Comedy Radio.

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